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In-House vs Contract Security – Advantages Of Contract Guarding

In House vs Contract Security

In-House vs Contract Security – Advantages Of Contract Guarding

Many security managers or directors have concerns that switching to a contract security provider will mean they are of lesser value to their company and risk losing their position.

However, a transfer to contract security can have the opposite effect. Security managers who outsource their security program find they no longer have to spend long, arduous hours dealing with the day-to-day challenges of managing security officers. Instead they are able to offer their skills in the more noticeable areas of security consulting and analysis. This, in turn, increases their value to the company while decreasing their security strain as they can delegate security personnel functions to the contract security firm’s management staff.

Another main cause for uncertainty by some companies to switch to contract security is the perception of a lack of quality security companies. While finding a reputable firm amongst the many security companies within the industry may be a challenge, there are some companies which operate on an advanced level. These are companies which conduct thorough background investigations and have a scrupulous process for selection of personnel. Quality companies are capable of offering competitive benefits and wages, superior training and employee development opportunities. Read about how Mantis’ security officers are PSIRA registered – ensuring you even further peace of mind.

In most cases, the cost of an outsourced security program is comparable to a company’s in-house budget. However, the added protection provided along with the elimination of other costs actually acts to reduce a company’s long-term expense. Other costs associated with in-house security budgets may include overtime wages, recruiting, background check expenses, training, uniforms and personnel for payroll services.

Benefits of Contracted Security

  • Less time spent managing security issues internally
  • Provision of security equipment; initial cost, maintenance and replacement costs are not your responsibility
  • Outsourcing of background checks, training and hiring of guards means the integrity of your contracted security guard is ensured
  • Access to a broader range of licensed security staff; if you require a higher level of security guarding, you can upscale at any time
  • Experience in security-related legal issues – less stress for you, especially if this is not your field of expertise

The most obvious reason to contract a security provider is to minimise time spent dealing with the trivia of day-to-day security issues. Contract security will generally take care of background checks, training, and hiring of security staff, as well as sourcing equipment and uniforms, providing medical insurance benefits and more. This enables your management team to focus on your core business.

Additionally, in an ever-shrinking market of qualified and quality security staff, contract security offers diversity, flexibility and greater access to human resources, especially at peak trading times. The contractor should also deal with issues of employee relations and liability management.

As long as the due diligence is carried out in establishing the contractor’s expertise and experience as it relates to your industry, and their ability to integrate into your operations as a business partner, contract security can add tremendous value to your organisation.


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Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Many schools find themselves using out-dated security systems, while others have yet to implement any other security control other than a physical barrier in the form of a perimeter of a fence surrounding the school. Updating tout-dated systems might seem like too much effort, too much expense, or simply something that has been put off for later. Your school, from nursery, to primary and high-schools, as well as universities need a solid security system.

These five benefits of security systems for schools will help you make security a priority for your school.

Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Reduced Violence

    The chances of violence are significantly and almost immediately decreased if there are armed security guards on the school grounds, especially if there is an individual with a gun. This is because the only way to fight off a person with a gun is to have an armed security professional with a gun. The presence of an armed security guard alone, however, will usually hinder anyone from making an attempt to harm people on that campus because there is less chance of them being able to flee. On top of this, un-armed security guards can also help to prevent fighting amongst the children themselves, which helps to reduce cases of bullying and allows children to focus more on their studies versus trying to protect themselves.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Security Checks

    Any stranger who is entering the school grounds will have to be checked by the armed security guards who are trained and are legally permitted to do this. This ensures that nobody is bringing a weapon onto the grounds. Plus, if there is any reason to believe that a child may be carrying a weapon in their bag, they can be checked as soon as possible.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Help for Distressed Children

    If your child ever feels threatened while on campus or has to walk a distance to their car or bus after school, then an armed security professional can escort them. Additionally, if your child is being bullied and notifies an armed security guard, they can keep an eye out on the child who was bullying them, as well as report it to their parents and school governing body if necessary.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Guidance

    Even though guidance doesn’t have much to do with security, an armed security guard will know how to get around the campus and will is easily able to guide parents or visiting teachers who may be lost. Guidance can also be helpful if there is a need for children to evacuate. The armed security guard can escort lost children to where they need to be safely.

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Benefits Of Private Security Companies

Benefits Of Private Security Companies

Benefits Of Private Security Companies

Amongst the stress and responsibilities that come with running a company, crime is a reality that many businesses and property owners have to face. Unfortunately the safety of your business cannot rely solely on public security forces – such as the police – whose main concern is to maintain the welfare of the public as a whole. Police cannot enter private property or watch over personal property, and this leaves gaps in the safety of your business. Hiring a private security company will ensure personalized protection over yourself and your personal property or business, and is a service that you can rely on to look after your best interests.

Why Private Security Is Better

To be part of a legitimate private security company in South Africa, security personnel must be licensed by or accredited with PSIRA. This license proves that the security officer has skills such as crime and accident prevention and physical security, as well as knowing emergency procedures, terrorism awareness, and basic first aid.

Private organizations like Mantis  Security ensure that their employees meet these requirements, and have performed rigorous background checks on each employee. They also enforce training practices on the job, and supervise their employees to maintain a high standard of work.

Another advantage of hiring a private security company is the increased scope of protection they may offer you. Private security often covers personal bodyguard protection, uniformed or unmarked security, patrols, or even undercover security. They will first consult with you the needs of your company’s safety, and will set up an appropriate force tailored perfectly to your needs. Private security also often has newer and more effective equipment, because they are not restricted by government funding. This allows them to truly ensure full coverage without compromising your safety.

Local private security guard companies also provide superior communication to their clients.  If the contracted organization must immediately make contact with a private security company located very far away, then the business is relying on telephonic and electronic mailing systems to communicate.  If the information that needs to be communicated is urgent, then a representative can stop by the offices of the local private security guard company to address the matter.  This is especially useful when there an unexpected block in the communication process such as a failure in electronics systems, internet connection failure, and power outages. Even when the systems are down, businesses continue to operate.  A convenient local private security guard company can help to ease business operations when circumstances become unexpectedly difficult.

Finally, it is always beneficial to support local companies when seeking services. Additionally, hiring a local private security guard company can also help a business in terms of marketing and networking.  The local private security guard company is full of employees who may refer people to the client for business inquiries. The presence of a local security guard shows that there is care for the community and support for local business.


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Advantages Of Having Security Guards At Your Business

Advantages Of Having Security Guards At Your Business

Advantages Of Having Security Guards At Your Business

Hiring professional security guards for your business is important to deal with several risks including crimes, thefts, and assault. Regardless of the size and type, businesses are vulnerable to several security concerns like an assault at workplace, employees’ disputes, vandalism, and thefts. These security threats not only risk the lives and infrastructure in your premises but also blot your business reputation.

Therefore, you can’t afford to run your business without having professional security guards in your workplace. They not only protect your business facility from crimes but also create a sense of security for owners, employees and the visitors.

What to Consider While Hiring a Security Guard Company

If you are seeking security guard services for your business, make sure to choose the professional and experienced security company that meets your requirement and budget as well. Therefore, keep these things in mind while choosing a private security company for your business:

  • Prefer locally-owned security company as they can serve you better with more personal attention
  • Be sure they only provide security services and preferably specialise in this field
  • Look at the background and experience of the company
  • They must be customer oriented

Advantages of Having a Security Guard at Your Work Premises

  • Security Guards Offer a Sense of Security

The presence of guards provides peace of mind and a sense of security not only to the business owners, but also to the employees and customers. Employees are more efficient and productive at work when they don’t worry about their safety. Hiring guards also increases employee retention, especially in businesses that are located in high-risk areas or those that sell high-end products. Say for instance, jewellery shops and banks. Additionally, their presence also lets your customers know that you are genuinely concerned about their welfare.

  • Security Guards Help to Deter and Prevent Crimes

Guards deter crimes because they are trained to assess any suspicious activity. In this way, they can stop these from happening before they can escalate and become a problem. Having armed guards also sends a message to potential criminals that you are serious about protecting your business, thus, preventing them from making your business their target. Also, they can alert local law enforcement when crimes are committed.

  • Security Guards Promote Good Customer Service

Guards can also act as customer service ambassadors. They can help man the front desk and interact with your customers and clients, promoting better customer service. They can direct people to find products, get to the right location, or serve as escorts for customers and employees, especially during the night.

  • Security Guards Will Handle Security Issues Before They Become a Problem

Security guards are trained to respond to safety issues. In the event that an actual crime occurs, they are the best people who can handle the situation. They can get to the site promptly, apprehend the suspects, interview witnesses, secure the victim, or check the area for obstructions or safety risks. Also, they can create a loss prevention report or keep evidence that is helpful in court.

  • Security Guards on Your Premises Help Maintain a Safe and Secure Environment

Guards are experienced and trained in various practices, such as after-hour patrolling, monitoring video surveillance, restricting access to areas and checking for visitor credentials, etc.


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Why Is a Risk Assessment Important?

Why Is a Risk Assessment Important

Why Is a Risk Assessment Important?

A comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all security systems, controls, and their parameters in a particular public/private property, asset or an organization is called physical security assessment. Generally, it is the combined process of conducting intensive audit and analysing the audit results pertaining to the entire physical security mechanism of any particular facility

Security assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.

Mantis Security offers on site security risk assessment services that bring peace of mind to our clients, whether they are private individuals, businesses or organizations. Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to mitigate the risk of that threat.

The results of the risk assessment analysis will indicate methods of application and recommendation of a proposed security structure as well as economic analysis of cost. The security assessment uses a structured, formal analysis process that allows us to develop a deep understanding of your business, operating conditions, corporate culture, and unique security risks and threats.

While client involvement is crucial to success, consultants facilitate the assessment every step of the way, keeping the project on track, and making sure that all important elements are examined.

Importance of Physical Security Audit

There are many kinds of natural as well as human initiated threats to the resources, assets, sensitive information and business secrets that can result in either partial or complete devastation of a person or an organization. Those threats strike either through IT network or through physical intrusion.

Intrusion into IT resources is much easier, if a hacker is able to physically intrude into your facilities. So, the physical security systems should be 100% active, effective and alert all the time that can be achieved by implementing frequent physical security audits. Security audits can help you find flaws and deficiencies in the security systems so that you can easily resolve them to them robust and sturdy. A robust security system is necessary to safeguard your assets and business related strategic information.

Major Problems Physical Security Assessments Can Uncover

Physical security assessments can uncover numerous problems associated with the organization or office security. A robust security system may include numerous security controls, such as, human guards, physical locks, intelligent locks, fences, CCTV system, lighting, alarm systems, goods movement controls and many others. And, physical security assessment finds out the security gaps related to an existing security policy of the organization are uncovered with the help of visual inspection and operational activities. The main problems uncovered by the physical security assessment include:


  • Lack of proper follow up for the security policy by higher management to implement it
  • Very poor level of motivation, supervision and monitoring over the human security guards hired from the third party contractors, which lead to improper adherence to security policy procedures
  • Low level of precaution and care by employees about the valuable assets of company such as, laptops, furniture, office equipment, workstations and others which are compromised by a less-than-efficient security system.
  • Both the employees and the security staff are not very well aware/trained about the security policy and procedures while accessing assets, working with assets and leaving the company.
  • Proper wearing the company identification badges. Many third party contractors and employees don’t wear badges all the time; or the pictures of badge holder on those badges are unrecognizable.
  • Poor control over the visitors to the company or its employees. Many employees either escort their guests with them or they don’t make the proper entries in the visitor registers.
  • Security screening of the employees of a third party contractor. Many employees working with contractors are not fully screened in normal situations.
  • The lack of secure handling and movement of documents within the company and outside the company premises is another critical issue mostly found in security audits.
  • Skilfully monitoring of electronic security system is another issue due to unskilled staff that operate them .
  • The regular testing, maintenance and monitoring of the security equipment at all points are not conducted as per defined policy.
  • Inadequate lighting inside and outside the building, backyard or walls is another important issue commonly highlighted by the security audits


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Mantis Security – Where We Began and Where We’re Headed

Mantis Security

Mantis Security – Where We Began and Where We’re Headed

Started in 1986 under the name R&M Security Services, Mark Kramer, along with his brother Raymond, were determined to challenge the ugly face of crime in a changing South Africa.

Mark Kramer was 23 years old at the time, fresh out of the SADF infantry where he served as a platoon commander.

Back then, there were no regulations and no minimum wages, but R&M knew that when their guards were treated with respect and paid fairly, their job performance would be better. Their first client was a friend in the plumbing business whose property was broken into. Through top-quality service and perseverance, R&M grew from one guarding contract to 30 others in lightning-fast speed, reaching into the residential, commercial and retail spheres.

In 1991 Mark Kramer suffered a terrible motorbike accident and decided to sell R&M. Whilst recovering, he wasted no time in bettering his security knowledge and skills. He went on Sabbatical, traveling to the Far East, USA and Israel, attending security lectures, seminars and conferences. It was here he realized that he was itching to get back into the industry he loved so much. He returned to South Africa and immediately, in 1992 established Mantis Security. Now over 25 years later, Mantis is still learning, engaging and adapting to its market, always striving to be the best of the best for its clients.

Mantis believes in building long lasting relationships and providing customer service above and beyond its competitors. Today, Mantis Security is rated one of the top security companies in South Africa and a pioneer in the security industry. With your support, Mantis intends on keeping it this way.

Mantis Security – Vision for The Future of Security in South Africa

Not only has Mantis already incorporated many aspects of security on South Africa which have not been met by existing security companies, but they have expanded into a new division – Mantis Vision. This division offers proactive guarding services using state-of-the-art cameras and software which detects unusual behaviour all day, every day.

Linked to a state of the art control room and highly trained personnel, Mantis Vision will contact the armed reaction partner of choice to inform them of any unusual sightings at your premises, business or residential. Clients are also notified of suspect events by means of a video clip sent to your cell phone or by email notifications.

How does Mantis vision work? A professional will inspect your premises and determine where smart cameras are to be installed. A series of questions will be asked relating to high risk and high traffic areas together with your exact security concerns. Our team will then install and setup the surveillance system on your premises with surveillance starting immediately.

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Benefits of Using an External Resource for an Internal Investigation

Benefits of Using an External Resource for an Internal Investigation

Benefits of Using an External Resource for an Internal Investigation

With increased scrutiny surrounding workplace investigations, the importance of getting investigations ‘right’ has never been greater.  The best person to conduct an internal investigation isn’t always the next available company investigator. Different cases require different skill-sets and circumstances sometimes require the services of an outside resource.

One of the biggest challenges in workplace investigations is finding the right people. Different cases require different skill-sets and circumstances sometimes require the services of an outside resource. The focus should be on getting the right people who have the skill set that you need; people who understand how to handle investigations and how to limit themselves to the scope that they’re focusing on.

Benefits of an Outsourced Investigator

  • You may not have capacity to investigate internally

The first step in deciding who should investigate a case is to assess the situation and decide whether or not the case can be handled by an internal investigator.

Sometimes you simply don’t have a suitable internal resource, or the “bandwidth” to handle the investigation. Investigations should be undertaken quickly to ensure fair treatment of the person, process or situation being investigated. Delays due to lack of resources can have a negative impact on the whole process.

In these cases it’s clear that you need to use an outside resource. But there are other considerations that may also dictate use of external investigators.

  • You may not have the specific skill-set required to conduct the investigation thoroughly

There are times when you may not have an investigator on staff with the necessary skills to conduct a particular investigation.

For example, a serious allegation of fraud or embezzlement may require specialized forensic investigation skills. A sexual harassment accusation may require an investigator with sensitivity training or experience with workplace harassment investigations – each cause for investigation will likely need expertise from the investigator and that experience is rarely present in day-to-day functioning of businesses.

  • When executives are investigated – it needs to be handled with care

It may not be appropriate for internal investigators to conduct investigations of certain high-level staff.

It depends on the sensitivity of the issue, the level of the person being investigated. One reason mid-level staff may want to steer clear of internal investigations of higher-level staff is that they’re likely aiming to have an on-going relationship with that group of people or specific person. If internal staff are conducting the investigation, it changes the relationship. The best (and easiest) option is to coordinate or facilitate having an expert from external come in, who is a skilled investigator and who doesn’t have anything to lose in playing a part in this particular investigation.

  • Conflict of interest

An internal investigator must be able to investigate a case objectively, and this means that they cannot have a vested interest in the outcome. You have to ask them to either remove themselves from the case, or, if you’re going to let them continue, then you’ve got to have checks all along the way to assure that emotion hasn’t guided the process. It’s extremely rare for someone with a vested interest to be allowed to investigate.

Having an external investigator conducting the process of investigation, you are guaranteed an impartial and honest report from a neutral party.

  • Keeping work relationships civil and professional

Advice is typically leveraged against assigning an internal resource to investigate a staff member with whom they, or their team members, have a working relationship. It may be difficult for the investigator to remain impartial and to avoid labelling.

They get very emotional about an allegation and they build their perceptions into realities that are very subjective. And it is hard for people to step away and say ‘but what are the facts?’. Emotionally they’re tired of dealing with the individual. So it’s really hard with people in workplace investigations to step away from that emotion.

It can be very tenuous for you to have somebody as part of your team who has investigated somebody you’re trying to have a relationship with. It ruins all future (relationships) when it comes to trying to work day-to-day. Hiring an outsourced investigator is a sure-fire way to mitigate the risk of souring good working relationships, without having to forfeit a serious investigation.


If you require investigations – whether it is at home or work – click here to get in touch with us today.



VIP Bodyguard Services – Benefits and Inclusions

VIP Bodyguard Services

VIP Bodyguard Services – Benefits and Inclusions

Mantis Security offers a full range of discreet and reliable VIP security services. The Mantis Close Protection Unit is a team of highly skilled security specialists. All team members are fully accredited Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority and S.A.S.S.E.T.A

We can provide overt protection, with a uniformed VIP security services team, or discrete surveillance. Members of the Mantis Close Protection Unit have been deployed to protect government officials, athletes, celebrities, corporate executives and their families.  Our high profile clients can have absolute confidence in our commitment to discretion and client confidentiality.

What Are The Benefits of VIP Bodyguarding?

VIP security differs from regular crowd control or static security services. With this specialist kind of security, security guards or bodyguards are personally responsible for the protection of a celebrity or person of notoriety.

There can be many reasons why famous people and celebrities might be targeted and need protection:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Stalking
  • Political aspirations

…to name just a few of the common ones.

VIP security services are there to both protect the VIP, while at the same time ensuring fans and other people keep their distance. This kind of security also helps to guarantee at least some semblance of privacy while the celebrity is at home or on location somewhere.

Even if there is no immediate danger, over-enthusiastic fans can also cause concerns when they get too close to a popular VIP, movie star or pop star.

The main advantage of hiring specialist VIP security services is the experience and expertise that comes with the territory.

Benefits of Bodyguards – For the VIP

Increase Your Productivity

If you spend less time worrying about your personal safety, you will be able to focus more on the important parts of your life such as your occupation, your family, and more. Whether you’re a politician or a CFO, having executive protection will give you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters.

Reduce Anxiety About Stalkers

Individuals in industries that are high-risk in terms of personal threats such as banking, pharmaceuticals, and politics need to be aware that their occupation may lead to unexpected hazards. The CEO of a bank may need executive protection to prevent someone from kidnapping him or her and demanding they have access to a vault with millions of rands. Some companies, and it doesn’t matter how big or small, advertise too much information about their employees, and someone with ill intentions and a habit of cyber-stalking may take their criminal activities to the streets. Under the careful watch of a professional security agent, your safety is being guarded from all possible angles. You can worry less about being a victim and continue with your daily life.


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Warehousing & Stock Loss Control South Africa – Why Warehouse Security is a Need, not a Want

Warehousing & Stock Loss Control South africa

Warehousing & Stock Loss Control South Africa – Why Warehouse Security is a Need, not a Want

Stock loss control is something that should be front-of-mind for anyone in the wholesale distribution business. In the simplest of terms, stock loss control involves having greater oversight over one’s stock, designing the necessary systems to identify the causes of shrinkages and implementing an effective action plan to minimize the risks associated with any stock control losses. Some refer to it as “internal control” or even as an accounting system set up to safeguard assets. Let’s take a look at why stock loss control is so important as well as what’s involved in developing an effective system.

What is Stock Loss Control & Why Is It Important?

Understanding what you have, where it is in your warehouse, and when stock is going in and out can help lower costs, speed up fulfilment, and prevent fraud. Your company may also rely on inventory control systems to assess your current assets, balance your accounts, and provide financial reporting.

Stock loss control is also important to maintaining the right balance of stock in your warehouses. You don’t want to lose a sale because you didn’t have enough inventories to fill an order. Constant inventory issues (frequent backorders, etc.) can drive customers to other suppliers entirely. The bottom line? When you have control over your inventory, you’re able to provide better customer service. It will also help you get a better, more real-time understanding of what’s selling and what isn’t.

But what if you don’t have the capacity to carry out internal stock control systems and audits? Then it’s time to consider outsourcing this vital process to professionals.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Stock Loss Control

Benefits of Outsourcing Stock Loss Control  – Improve Overall Process Efficiency

Every manufacturer becomes more competitive when they can focus on their core business. Efficiencies gained from outsourcing inventory management allow a company to:

  • Maintain focus on core competencies
  • Avoid outlying, resource-intensive tasks
  • Reduce or eliminate the presence of theft and syndicates, either within the company or external threats.

Benefits of Outsourcing Stock Loss Control  – Free Up Resources

Every company has a limited pool of capital, both monetary and personnel. Tying up either of these reduces efficiency. Freeing up capital as management time and resources makes sense because this can:

  • Trim management administration costs
  • Reduce sourcing and shortage issues
  • Minimize management distractions
  • Reduce the chance of disciplinary hearings as a result of internal theft.

If you’re ready to outsource your warehouse & stock loss control, click here to get in touch with us today!


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Special Events & Function Security – The Importance of Having Security at Your Events

Special Events & Function Security

Special Events & Function Security – The Importance of Having Security at Your Events

Whether you are planning a business conference, an extravagant family wedding, or hosting a VIP event, event security should be high on your priority list. Ensuring you have security on the premises during any event is a sure way to keep all guests safe and ensure peace of mind throughout the proceedings.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company for Special Events and Functions

Having security working onsite for any event you host is not only a way to give you and your guests comfort and security, but it also helps to add to the level of professionalism you have, especially when you are hosting corporate events and conferences. By providing security and protection, you are showing potential business partners, investors and associates that you genuinely care for their well-being as well as their own personal interests.

Whether you are planning a private gathering or hosting a formal work event, having a security team on your side is highly recommended to keep everyone safe and protected at all times.

Recent criminal attacks have shown the importance of proper event safety and security planning, and the value of effective emergency response. Sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, conferences, fund raisers, political campaigns, and exhibitions, by their very nature attract crowds and may also become targets for crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and even terrorism.

These events become bigger targets as crowds assemble and grow. They may also become opportunities for special interest groups to publicly demonstrate. Poor event planning, management, crowd control, security, and ineffective emergency response, increase the likelihood of injuries, property damage and even catastrophic attacks.

Proper event safety and security must be tailored to each specific event and potential exposure.

How Does Mantis Security Ensure Safety at Events and Functions?

Mantis Security can provide a full range of bespoke corporate and special event security services with guaranteed professionalism and reliability. Our corporate event security services are individually tailored to our client’s requirements and our expert security operations are thoroughly planned with your team and all stakeholders, including police and other local authorities.

We have a wealth of experience in providing special in-depth management of your event including the build/breakdown phases of your event, health and safety measures, admittance of authorized personnel and guests, parking restrictions, overnight security and more. We also provide the highest calibre of guards and stewards who are well-trained, courteous and vigilant in their duties.


Keen to enjoy the freedom of having your event or function fully covered by trained professionals? Click here to get in touch with us today!


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