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Human Investigation Management – Why Specialised Security Should Be Accredited

Human Investigation Management

Human Investigation Management – Why Specialised Security Should Be Accredited

When you’re in the throes of employee management, you’re likely dealing with everything from minor disputes, grievances, code of conduct adherence enforcement – the last thing you should be worrying about is honing in on your (likely) undeveloped skills to be the lie detector, the investigator and agent who controls the outcome of serious disciplinary procedures and cases.

Hiring an external consultant to conduct your investigations at the workplace is the logical, viable and educated decision any business owner should make. However, you can’t just find the first security company who offers specialised security services such as investigations; this is where accreditation boards play a huge role. Just like being a registered PSIRA guard lends more credibility to your name, the training undergone to become accredited offers myriad of tools, knowledge and tactics to be the best possible consultant you can be. Rigorous and continual training allows accredited HIM agents to perform investigations correctly, ethically and effectively.

Benefits of Using Investigators Who Are Officially Qualified

There could be a flotilla of circumstances where you would require the service of a qualified and accredited investigator. Add to that, there are endless of benefits when it comes to hiring a team of private investigators.

First and foremost, accredited investigators come with the necessary skill, knowledge and education required to properly conduct and conclude investigations of even the most sensitive nature.

Any security company offering specialised services such as investigations should have employees working for the, who are appropriate skills, knowledge as well as the experience needed to get the work done quick and dexterously. They are qualified, accredited, trained and prepared for any situation which may arise during an investigation. Hiring an unqualified investigator is the equivalent of placing a police uniform on a civilian and expecting the same type of service.

There are qualified investigators who also have knowledge and acquaintance with law enforcement background. Add to that, they are properly trained to do this job adeptly and have proper knowledge of the steps and tools to deploy, as well as which resources to turn to, during the course of an investigation.

Anonymity is a huge factor in investigations; confidentiality of the matter, if breached, may compromise the entire investigation and even corrupt it to a point where it cannot continue.

Time saving is also another huge benefit when choosing to engage the services of a qualified investigator. A thorough investigation involves a lot of time. The process of investigation may include unprecedented workloads, as well as follow-ups, reporting, and dealing with ad-hoc issues as and when required. Among your family life, job and social life you will likely not have the time and energy to complete the investigation successfully.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Qualified Investigator?

  • Employers and business owners

In today’s environment, going through a background check of an employee would be a safer option. Also if you wish to check out on your potential business partner, worker, a caregiver or even nanny for your child, then hiring one would be useful in your case. These professionals have access to your data base which the general public is not aware or acquainted with. A great amount of detail and information can be extracted, and a private investigation company knows well how to extract them effectively.

  • Domestic or criminal inquiry

Private investigators are extremely useful and handy when it comes to legal investigations. Even attorneys do not have that much of time to dig into details and investigate on each and every minute detail. However, a private investigator has all the time to go through a thorough investigation procedure and accomplish the job.

  • Missing persons

They tend to be extremely helpful especially dealing with a missing persons case. They have the experience and knowledge about how to proceed with the work when looking for a lost family member or individual.”

  • Suspected theft, fraud or misconduct at the workplace

Using an existing staff member to conduct investigations on “misbehaving” employees is not only a waste of resources (it detracts that employee from conducting their regular, daily scope of work), but it can be overwhelming for the employee conducting the investigation to remain impartial to the situation. The employee will likely also not have the skillset required to cover all bases and conclude the investigation correctly.


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Why Should Security Companies Do Free Risk Assessments?

Free Risk Assessments

Why Should Security Companies Do Free Risk Assessments?

Some people know it as a security survey or risk assessment. Whether you call it a security survey, risk assessment, or security assessment, it is all basically the same.  Security Risk Assessments are a systematic, on-site assessment and analysis of your current security measures, whether they are physical security measures, technology, management, policies, training or any other aspect of your security program or measures.

An in-depth risk assessment and analysis are the first steps in effective site security planning. Although security needs are unique for each organization and individual, identifying the assets that need to be protected will determine the proper level of security required.

Why is this assessment so important?

Necessity of Security Risk Assessments

“Assessing your security measures should be conducted in an unbiased manner. Therefore, your existing security manager may not be the best person to conduct this important task.

Many times internal staff’s limited knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities are such that they cannot always determine all of the potential risks or vulnerabilities. Internal staff complements are often very limited on continuing education and training due to budgets or time restraints. In most cases, they have no means in which to keep abreast of the current security threats or mitigation strategies.

Experience has shown that internal staff members may not always disclose all security concerns to avoid bringing to light internally known deficiencies that might be cause for embarrassment for security leadership.”

“Identifying your assets is also a critical part in this overall assessment. Human assets include more than just the employees. They also include visitors, contractors, the surrounding community and others associated with the business operation. Property assets range from building, machinery and utilities to operations, equipment and systems. Informational assets are computer systems, processes and confidential business and employee information. Only trained professionals with experience can offer the kind of in-depth analysis that is required when assessing the full risk to an organisation or individual.”

A great outline, provided by Zurichna, outlines some of the basic analyses a security assessment consultant may consider when conducting a security risk assessment:

Site information

  • Company/customer
  • Site address
  • Site general manager
  • Security manager
  • Products/services
  • Number of employees
  • Operating hours
  • Site area
  • Neighbourhood
  • Description of “worst credible risk scenarios”

The below assessments are conducted according to a three-tier approach, typically:

Observed strengths | Observed weaknesses | Action plan

  • Risk assessment
  • Management policies
  • Physical security
  • Access control
  • Employee security
  • Information security
  • Material security
  • Emergency response
  • Crisis communication

Benefits Of Security Risk Assessments

Prevent Security Breaches

Even if you’ve never had security problems, a risk assessment is a great way to predict your likelihood of having one. Specialists will identify all possible security risks and address them accordingly. When all of your risks have been taken care of, you stand a good chance of preventing any future security breaches.

Improve Your Current System

You might think that you have a great security system, but it’s hard to know what aspects can be improved on. Our experts will come in and work with your staff to identify problem areas and points of weakness. The collaboration between our staff and yours will result in a more effective security system that will cover more ground and help keep your building secure.

Identify Ideal CCTV System Placement and Identify Security Weak-Spots

One of the benefits of bringing in the experts is their ability to identify the best spots for your surveillance equipment. They will provide you with useful tips on proper placement such as ensuring cameras are both hidden and visible, they are placed at a higher location, and they cover all entry points. Experts will work with your staff to identify the best place for your cameras to maximize visibility and coverage of your security system to improve your property’s overall security.”


There is no better time than now to assess, evaluate and upgrade your current security systems. Click here to get in touch with us today for your free risk assessment!



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Security Companies Gauteng: Guarding Specialists – And Other Specialised Services

Security Companies Gauteng

Security Companies Gauteng: Guarding Specialists – And Other Specialised Services

You’d be hard-pressed to NOT find hundreds of results when searching “Security Companies” in Gauteng. The arduous task of due diligence (including researching the company, finding reviews on them and ensuring they’re “up to scratch”) is then yours to bear. At Mantis Security, our decades-long good standing with communities throughout Gauteng has helped us establish not only a name for ourselves, but also allow us to expand our service offerings to include services that are somewhat scarce in Gauteng.

Specialised Security Services Gauteng – Mantis Security Offerings

  • Warehousing & Stock Loss Control

Mantis Security is able to design the necessary systems to identify the causes of shrinkages and implement an effective action plan to minimize the risks associated with any stock control losses.

  • Special Events & Functions

Mantis Security can provide a full range of bespoke corporate and special event security services with guaranteed professionalism and reliability. Our corporate event security services are individually tailored to our client’s requirements and our expert security operations are thoroughly planned with your team and all stakeholders, including police and other local authorities.

We have a wealth of experience in providing special in-depth management of your event including the build/breakdown phases of your event, health and safety measures, admittance of authorized personnel and guests, parking restrictions, overnight security and more. We also provide the highest calibre of guards and stewards who are well-trained, courteous and vigilant in their duties.

  • Counter Terrorism

Mantis Security can provide protective and counter-terrorism security advice to support businesses in order to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats. We draw on a wide range of expertise including; skilled detectives, financial investigators, intelligence analysts. We also work closely with police forces throughout the country, government departments and other agencies.

  • Security Consulting & Management

Mantis Security can provide professional security consultancy services that give assistance to both businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on our expertise of planning and executing a broad spectrum of large scale, integral turnkey security projects which optimally satisfy the client’s requirements, whilst remaining cost effective.

With over 30 years of experience, Mantis security boasts and intimate and first-hand knowledge of all aspects relating to security and risk management.

  • Investigations

With more than 30 years of experience in the security industry, Mantis Security boasts the investigative experience and professional competencies to offer an integrated investigation framework that our clients can feed into (inter alia) in legal, accounting, human resource and information technology functions.

  • Risk Assessments

Mantis Security offers on site security risk assessment services that bring peace of mind to our clients, whether they are private individuals, businesses or organizations. Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to mitigate against the risk of that threat.

The results of the risk assessment analysis will indicate methods of application and recommendation of a proposed security structure as well as economic analysis of cost.

  • 24 hour Control Room

Our locally based Control Room operates on a 24/7 basis by specially trained monitoring personnel. The control room is equipped with the latest high tech surveillance technology systems to monitor all access points and perimeters thereby ensuring that you and your business are protected day and night. We have alternate power sources readily available in case of any power supply interruptions

  • VIP & Executive Bodyguarding

Mantis Security offers a full range of discreet and reliable VIP security services. The Mantis Close Protection Unit is a team of highly skilled security specialists. All team members are fully accredited Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority and S.A.S.S.E.T.A

We can provide overt protection, with a uniformed VIP security services team, or discrete surveillance. Members of the Mantis Close Protection Unit have been deployed to protect government officials, athletes, celebrities, corporate executives and their families.  Our high profile clients can have absolute confidence in our commitment to discretion and client confidentiality.

  • Armed & Unarmed Security

Mantis Security ensures all its security personnel are responsible, reliable and drug free. All security officers are carefully selected and trained to provide the best, latest and safest security measures to ensure our clients satisfaction, well-being and peace of mind. All security officers are PSIRA qualified and registered with the Security Officers Board. All armed guards are fully compliant with the latest Firearm Control Act.

Our security guarding services are provided to corporations, private and residential home functions and events nationwide. Our security guards and supervisors are highly competent, dedicated officers, all of whom are capable of performing at the highest level.

  • I Services

In addition to 30 years’ experience in the industry, Mantis has a highly experienced Risk manager and a qualified investigator to facilitate all investigations. Mantis’s professional competencies enable us to offer an integrated investigation framework that our clients can feed into (inter alia) in legal, accounting, and human resource and information technology functions.

  • Canine

The use of highly trained Guard dogs (K9) – in combination with specially trained security officers which are dog handlers.  Benefits include:

  • Professionally trained dog serves as a deterrent: Study – 83% of burglars said they would be deterred from committing a crime if there was a dog on the premises.
  • Protect and alert the Security Officer and respond to eminent threats.
  • Detect threats much quicker than humans
  • Selfless protector
  • Effective weapon

What differentiates K9 over Security officers on their own?


  • Dog’s primary sense
  • 40 times better than humans
  • 300 million sensory receptors: humans – only 5 million


  • Dogs can hear 4 x times the distance of humans


  • Best at dawn and dusk
  • Better than humans
  • Dogs can see moving objects better than humans

If you’d like any further info, pricing or assessments from Mantis Security, click here to get in touch with us today!

Dog Handler Grading South Africa – Mantis Canine Services

Dog Handler Grading South Africa

Dog Handler Grading South Africa – Mantis Canine Services

“Any Security Service Provider or Organisation wanting to provide or use dogs and/or trained handlers must comply with the minimum standards in terms of the Government Gazette No. 19067 Board Notice 120, and Government Gazette 19740 Board Notice 15.

The minimum standards determine that:

  • A security officer working with a dog must have been trained at an accredited dog training and supplier centre.
  • A Security Service Provider who provides dogs and trained handlers must be accredited as a Security Dog Supplier.
  • Clients who make use of dogs and/or handlers must ensure that their Security Service Providers comply with the relevant legislation.
  • All dogs used must have the necessary identification, and must have been trained at an accredited dog training centre.

What Grades of Dog Handler Security Guards Are Available?

  1. DH1 – Basic obedience and aggression on leash. Classification and use of dog breeds. Care and utilization of dog breeds.
  2. DH2 – Advanced obedience and aggression on leash. Working with your dog in an environment where people are present.
  3. DH3 – Advanced obedience and aggression + remote control. 5 – 10 metre distance control with your dog.
  4. DH4 – Highest level of obedience, independent work on and off leash including Attack off leash.
  5. DH5 – Substance detection (narcotics, explosives etc.) Full control of your dog while working off leash.

What Are The Benefits of a Canine-Assisted Security Guard?

Guard Dog’s Quicker Response from Faster Reflexes

“Typically trained guard dogs have faster reflexes and should respond quicker when you ask them to do something, ideally on your first command” A dog having only basic obedience training will probably need several commands before he actually completes an action.”

Guard Dog Loyalty

A dog that is trained as a watch dog is taught not to listen to other people’s commands. The dog will only listen to his owner and will not accept treats from others, so the dog cannot be bribed. This makes it difficult for an intruder to enter the house.

Professionally Trained Dog Serves As A Deterrent

A dog that appears alert, ready to react and is on a leash alongside an official-looking guard is surely one of the biggest deterrents to crime. 83% of burglars said they would be deterred from committing a crime if there was a dog on the premises.

Protect and alert the Security Officer and respond to eminent threats

A dog’s hearing and smell capabilities are light-years ahead of us humans. A dog’s primary sense is its smell; it is 40 times better than humans and dogs have 300 million sensory receptors, vs a meagre 5 million in humans.

Detect threats much quicker than humans

Reaction time from trained dogs is drastically shorter than that of an obedience-trained dog. Their faster reflexes should ensure they respond quicker when you ask them to do something, ideally on your first command.

Selfless protector and Effective weapon

A trained guard dog will attack anyone who his trainer commands him to. A well trained guard dog will also not release grip on a perpetrator until he is commanded to do so. This shows the incredible loyalty the canine offers us as humans, as well as how effective they are as non-lethal weapons. If the suspect or perpetrator is armed, the security officer in command of the dog will have sufficient chance to arm himself and react accordingly, in order to protect the life and well-being of those they are guarding, as well as the officer and the dog.


Unlike obedience training, security dog training may be performed at any age. A dog may acquire the necessary skills to protect your home even after he matures. However, it is important that he gets guard dog training as soon, and as early as possible, so that he won’t learn other skills that may interfere with the attack dog skills.

For instance, if a dog is trained not to jump on things, he will hesitate when being asked to jump during the guard training sessions. You can also request security services together with a trained security guard dog as security package.


For information on Mantis Security’s canine services, click here to get in touch with us today!

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PSIRA Guard Grading – What Your Symbol Symbolises

PSIRA Guard Grading

PSIRA Guard Grading – What Your Symbol Symbolises

The mandate of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority – or PSIRA as we know it – is derived from the Private Security Industry Regulatory Act 56 of 2001. The primary objective of the Authority is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself.

PSIRA Trained Security Officers – Mantis Security

One of the objects of the Authority is to promote high standards in the training of security service providers and prospective security service providers. Training service providers are required by law to be registered and accredited with PSIRA before services are offered.

Key functions of PSIRA regarding Training:

  • Determine minimum statutory training standards for the industry
  • Accreditation of training centres and instructors to present PSIRA statutory courses which includes Grades E-A, Assets in Transit, Reaction Services, Event Security, Dog Handlers
  • Evaluation and processing of course reports
  • Liaison with SAQA, QCTO and SASSETA in respect of the development of NQF qualifications and programs for all categories or classes of security service providers
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

PSIRA Guard Grading – How Does it Work?

The roles and responsibilities of guards differ and are dependent on the grade that the guard has obtained. The lowest grade for security officers in South Africa is grade D, with the highest being grade A.

PSIRA Grade D Security Guards

Grade D security officers’ main function is access control.

PSIRA Grade C Security Guards

A Grade C security officer’s main function is access control of a higher risk area and supervision of lower grade security officers.

PSIRA Grade B Security Guards

A Grade B security officers’ main function is access control in high-risk areas where documentation and basic computer skills might be required.

  • A site or shift commander.
  • Managing of lower grade security officers.
  • Possible inspector doing site visits.

PSIRA Grade A Security Guards

A Grade A security officers’ main function would normally be a site manager or commander.

  • Controlling and managing a number of functions.
  • Managing the security workforce
  • Conducting risk assessments and evaluations on site daily.
  • Basic investigative skills.
  • Problem solving.
  • Designing security solutions.


All of Mantis security’s armed and unarmed security officers are PSIRA accredited and compliant; for information, guidance or individual pricing, click here to get in touch with us today!

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Security Companies South Africa – How is Mantis Security Ensuring your Safety?

Security Companies South Africa

Security Companies South Africa – How is Mantis Security Ensuring your Safety?

Through Mantis’ threat mitigation and management plan, you can be assured that your security needs will not only be covered, but they will be assessed and forecast in order to not only prevent and deter crime, but be ahead of the curve in future risk mitigation.

An initial thorough risk analysis and a dynamic threat mitigation and management plan will ensure that all threats are timeously identified, suitably mitigated and/or professionally managed.

The multi-layered approach allows for the full integration of all individual security elements, ensuring the delay, timely detection and appropriate response to any security related threat. In addition, this approach affords the client the opportunity to make changes to individual layers without compromising the integrity of the overall security, thus minimizing the potential resource wastage associated with ‘pre-manufactured’ security solutions.

A multi-layered approach allows for protection of all Personnel, Assets and Information by integrating the other associated HSSEC components of:

  • Health and safety in terms of the OSHAS act and other relevant legislation
  • Medical incidents
  • Fire prevention and management
  • Contingency planning
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorism and terrorist related activities
  • Specific action plans to address the threat analysis

Mantis Security – Intelligence in Security Showcases 4-Tier Approach to Full Spectrum Security

Collating own intelligence through regular patrols
Looking at trends in incidents to identify risks
Attending CPO Forum Meetings to gain first-hand feedback directly from the community
Attending Police Forum Meetings to be aware of new trends in all areas.

Outer Perimeter
This layer includes all physical barriers for the purpose of deterrence, detection and delay:
Checks carried out include: Perimeter fencing (single or multiple layers) | Penetration prevention (checking for “weak” spots | Control points (booms, gates, access control points, etc.) | Lighting | CCTV Cameras (monitored on-site or off-site) | Outer perimeter patrols ( armed, unarmed, with or without canine security services)

Inner Perimeter
This layer includes all measures for the purpose of detection and intervention.


Beams | CCTV Cameras | ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) patrols, foot patrols, and or equestrian mounted patrols (all armed or unarmed). Foot patrols and equestrian patrols may also be carried out (with or without additional canine security) | Intruder alarm systems integrated with pepper gas.

High-Risk Areas
This layer includes all measures for the purpose of deterrence, detection and immediate intervention. | Static / stationary guards (armed or unarmed and with or without canine security) | Control points (boom gates, access control points, etc.) | Lighting | Armed response


For any info on the services listed above, click here to get in touch with us today.


Contract Security – Contract Guarding Benefits

Contract Security

Contract Security – Contract Guarding Benefits

With home robberies on the rise, increasing by 69.8 percent in the past nine years according to the South African Police Service’s latest crime statistics (as excerpted from this article), residential security is a growing concern for most South Africans.

While body corporates (in cases of complexes and estates) do not need to be registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), it is legally obliged to ensure that its security provider or security guards are registered and PSIRA compliant.

Although complexes have traditionally been perceived as more secure, offering resident’s greater peace of mind – this is changing, and home robberies in complexes are increasing. Homeowners in complexes and estates are often complacent, relying on the trustees or estate directors, who are not necessarily experienced in this area, to take care of security. But be warned, if your trustees are employing and managing their own security guards, this could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

Benefits of Contract Security

  • Benefits of Contract Security: Ease of Administration of Security Program

Business owners, estate managers, body corporate and homeowners alike should stick to their core competency to maximize results.  Everyone should by now have realized the value of outsourcing – whether it’s bookkeeping, IT or building maintenance business owners of this generation understand the importance of focusing on their specialty and hiring other experts to support them. The management team of a professional security firm should make a business manager’s life easier by relieving them of the stress of managing their security department.

  • Benefits of Contract Security: Guard Staffing Flexibility

Contract security guard firms have a deeper bench of talent to draw from.  If your Security Guard is going to be out ill or taking leave, that firm has other officers that can be pulled in to provide coverage during the absence.  If your business has a special event requiring extra security coverage, your contract security firm can easily bring in additional guards to support you during this time.

  • Benefits of Contract Security: Impartiality of Security Officers

It is often suggested that contract guards can more effectively enforce regulations and procedures than an internal employee.  Guards employed by a different employer have less loyalty or feelings of influence by in-house employees.  Their job loyalty is to the guard services firm that can easily move them to another location as necessary.  This produces a more consistently impartial performance of duty.

  • Benefits of Contract Security: Expertise & Training of Guards

When contracting with a security firm, you are not only hiring a security guard, but the expertise of the management team.  These managers should be your consultants, assisting in developing, implementing and refining security policies and procedures regularly.  Their experience in working with clients across the community should provide them insights that can be brought to benefit in your organization as well.  Look for a management team that is active in the security industry and participates in continuing education on a regular basis.

Contract security firms are experienced in teaching Security Officers regularly.  They have established curriculum and materials that meet or exceed industry standards.  Professional trainers are able to modify their standard training programs to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Benefits of Contract Security: Cost of Security Program

Most experts agree that contract guard services are less expensive than a proprietary unit.  These cost savings occur in several areas.  Most security guards receive fewer fringe benefits than the in-house personnel of a company.  More importantly, specialized security firms are able to achieve efficiencies in management and operation of a guard force that most businesses cannot achieve.  Training cost and quality can be greatly improved by a firm that specializes in conducting security training on a regular basis for larger numbers of Officers.  Guard services firms have the resources to develop appropriate equipment and training materials more efficiently.

Why not get yourself a risk-free assessment for hiring Mantis’ trained, professional contract guards? Click here to get in touch today!


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Canine Specialists And Security Services South Africa

Canine Specialists And Security Services South Africa

Canine Specialists And Security Services South Africa

Unlike a security or guard dog, a protection trained dog is social and affectionate animal, but possesses a natural instinct to protect and defend his pack. The dog is trained to alert you to trouble and to deter suspicious and criminal activity through fierce barking. If a perpetrator does venture onto your property, fully trained protection dogs may disable the perpetrator, on their own or on command until law enforcement arrives. These are dogs that are specifically trained to handle situations such as break-ins and home / office / event invasions and they are effective at both deterring crime and capturing predators who may make their way onto your property. Ultimately, they can keep your family and property safe from harm while providing unconditional love and affection.

Benefits of Canine Protection Services Through Mantis Security

The use of highly trained Guard dogs (K9) – in combination with specially trained security officers which are dog handlers offers the following benefits:

  • Professionally trained dog serves as a deterrent
  • Study – 83% of burglars said they would be deterred from committing a crime if there was a dog on the premises
  • Protect and alert the Security Officer and respond to eminent threats
  • Detect threats far quicker than humans
  • Selfless protector
  • Effective weapon

What differentiates K9 over Security Officers on their own?

  • Smell
  • Dog’s primary sense
  • It is 40 times better than humans
  • Dogs have 300 million sensory receptors. Human’s have a meager 5 million in comparison.
  • Hearing
  • Dogs can hear 4 x times the distance of humans
  • Sight
  • Best at dawn and dusk
  • Better than humans
  • Dogs can see moving objects better than humans

If you’re looking for canine protective services, click here to get in touch with us today!

Private Investigation South Africa

Private Investigation South Africa

Private Investigation South Africa

Thanks to silver-screen antics and moves abound, there are an endless supply of myths about private investigators embedded into our culture. Fancy cars, law breaking, immediate arrests, computer hacking – we hate to break it to you, but that’s not how it works on the job.

We know that private investigators are usually hired when something is, for lack of a better term, wrong. But it’s important to have realistic expectations when you hire one. Yes, private investigators can help you in situations where there are no other solutions, but they simply aren’t magic workers, and they can’t break the law.

What Do Private Investigators Do?

Private Investigators work independently and in cooperation with law enforcement. They provide their services to clients who hire them. The majority of the work they do is similar to that of a Detective, often conducting investigations on missing people, doing background checks on people, and researching information on legal, financial, personal or criminal investigation.

Private Investigators are not legally authorized to perform acts that would otherwise be performed by a Police Officer (e.g. arresting people or conducting warranted searches), they may carry and use a firearm provided they have the necessary permits. They are, nevertheless, often required to present the results and findings of their investigations to their clients or in a court of law as testimony and evidence.

What Private Investigators Can and Cannot Do

  • Can Private Investigators Break The Law?

Answer: No. PI’s are regular people, with regular powers. They have expertise in gaining information, but certainly don’t have special powers that say they don’t have to abide by the law. Sure, private investigators can crack a case that a normal civilian can’t. But that doesn’t mean they have superhuman powers. In fact, they’re just ordinary people.

What makes private investigators different from your average person, however, are their experience, tools, and resources. Usually, this comes from years of working on the police force, military experience, training as an apprentice, or earning a state official private investigator license.

  • Can Private Investigators Hack into Computers or Phones?

Answer: No. While private investigators have the know-how to obtain public records for personal and corporate investigations, phones and computers are subject to the law – and to technical limitations.

When it comes to investigating phones, e-mail accounts, bank accounts, and social media profiles the only way to access them legally is with the owner’s express permission. Sometimes, this causes issues as people tend to think these are the only ways of getting the information they are looking for. For instance, what if a husband wants to see if his wife is cheating on him? Surely he can just check the phone records to see if she’s calling someone else.

Even snooping through your partner’s phone has its limitations. It might be legal in some circumstances, but it may not be admissible in court. If you want evidence of your partner’s affair, you’ll have to get undeniable proof without breaking the law.

  • Can Private Investigators Follow Someone for You?

Answer: Yes! Surveillance is often the best way to get the evidence you’re looking for without getting into legal difficulty. If you think your husband or wife is cheating on you, PI’s can’t exactly get the text message, but they can put surveillance on him or her and follow them to see if they are cheating.

How does surveillances work? Usually private investigators “sit on the house, to see who’s in the house, who’s going to the house, figure out who’s there, and follow the person from the house to a different location.”

But stake-outs only go so far. They can only be conducted on public property. If they get caught on private property, and someone asks them to leave, then they must leave. And if their target leaves? Mobile surveillance is where a PI follows a person.

Modern methods also make surveillance cheaper, and less about hanging around in cars than it used to be. Modern investigators can set up remote cameras, or even track vehicles using a national database.

  • Can Investigators Be Action Heroes? 

Answer: No. On-screen private investigators are heralded as heroes with flashy cars and fancy technology, who will do anything — even break the law — to solve the case. But while Hollywood puts a glossy shine on PI life, they also make solving a case seem lightning fast. It doesn’t work that way. Private investigators spend long hours on the job tracking persons of interest to crack the case.

Instead, for cases involving surveillance or deep research, expect at least a few days or more to have your answers from your private investigator.

  • Can Private Investigators Find Most Information Online?

Answer: Yes and No! It’s not as exciting as following a potential cheater through a city, but researching is a highly useful skill that private investigators have for all sorts of cases, from skip-tracing (where they will locate someone) to asset searches.

Because investigators have access to resources and databases that an average civilian doesn’t, not to mention the experience and know-how, they can often find out things that others can’t. Looking into the background of a potential nanny or child minder, finding adoption records, or locating an ex-spouse to serve them alimony papers can often all be accomplished without an investigator ever leaving their computer.

Mantis Security Private Investigations

Each situation requires a different scope of work; most investigation services are highly confidential and are dealt with as such. In addition to 30 years’ experience in the industry, Mantis has a highly experienced Risk Manager and a qualified investigator to facilitate all investigations. Mantis’s professional competencies enable us to offer an integrated investigation framework that our clients can feed into (inter alia) in legal, accounting, and human resource and information technology functions.

If you’ve spent hours searching for something and you keep hitting dead end after dead end, it may be time to employ a private investigator to look into the matter. Private investigators routinely use human intelligence, interviews, and even paper records to get things done.

Click here to get in touch with us today!


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Businesses That Need Security Guards – Which Industries Are At A Higher Security Risk In South Africa?

Businesses That Need Security Guards

Businesses That Need Security Guards – Which Industries Are At A Higher Security Risk In South Africa?

Some business simply require a higher level of security than others; the sweet shop down the road is far less likely to experience an armed ambush when compared to a high-end jewellery store. Which businesses are more prone to theft and crime in South Arica (and globally?)

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Construction Sites

Within today’s society, a construction company cannot rely solely on police for security. If left unattended, a construction site could lay victim to vandalism, crime, and theft.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Health Care Centres

Many unique security challenges impact health care facilities. With a constant flow of patients, employed staff and visitors, this fast-paced environment requires uncompromising attention to discretion and confidentiality.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Retail (and Wholesale) Establishments

A security guard’s main job in a retail establishment is to keep a watchful eye on staff, stock and customers. Within the retail environment, it is the duty of the guard to protect both the safety and well-being of both customers as well as employees.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

Manufacturing corporations are becoming prime targets of vandalism, theft, disputes, property damage and equipment theft and tampering. A security guard can log vehicle entry and exit of the building, verify drivers and clear visitors and direct contractors to their appropriate locations.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Museums

Museum security guards have knowledge about the overall protection and conservation of important items. A museum security guard can keep valuable and some priceless art and exhibits safe from thievery, damage, and tampering.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Financial Facilities

People, customers and the operational information of a financial institution all need to be protected. Security guards provide solutions like; access control, armed / unarmed guarding services, monitoring security electronics, patrol, parking security and workplace violence prevention.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Hotels and Hospitality

Hotel guests bring valuables into their rooms and it is the job of the guard to ensure they are staying in a secured environment. Hotel security guards also patrol the hotel and respond to complaints and calls for help.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Education Institutes and Public Schools

Considering that education institutions and public schools house very important people, children both young and old, it may be the place security is needed the most. Due to a rise of fatal shootings, drugs and safety issues, schools may need to provide security to patrol the institution and surrounding area.

  • Businesses That Need Security Guards: Residential and Retirement Communities

Feeling safe where you and your children live is one of the most important things that hiring security will provide for families. Security companies can provide custom solutions to ensure peace of mind to residents. Theft, vandalism, and trespassing are significantly reduced.

Overall, all businesses can benefit from security guard protection. Whether vehicle or foot patrol, guards are trained to keep a watchful eye and are versatile in various circumstances. Security guards are a resource that may ensure your business remains secure one.

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