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Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools In South Africa

Many schools find themselves using out-dated security systems, while others have yet to implement any other security control other than a physical barrier in the form of a perimeter of a fence surrounding the school. Updating tout-dated systems might seem like too much effort, too much expense, or simply something that has been put off for later. Your school, from nursery, to primary and high-schools, as well as universities need a solid security system.

These five benefits of security systems for schools will help you make security a priority for your school.

Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Reduced Violence

    The chances of violence are significantly and almost immediately decreased if there are armed security guards on the school grounds, especially if there is an individual with a gun. This is because the only way to fight off a person with a gun is to have an armed security professional with a gun. The presence of an armed security guard alone, however, will usually hinder anyone from making an attempt to harm people on that campus because there is less chance of them being able to flee. On top of this, un-armed security guards can also help to prevent fighting amongst the children themselves, which helps to reduce cases of bullying and allows children to focus more on their studies versus trying to protect themselves.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Security Checks

    Any stranger who is entering the school grounds will have to be checked by the armed security guards who are trained and are legally permitted to do this. This ensures that nobody is bringing a weapon onto the grounds. Plus, if there is any reason to believe that a child may be carrying a weapon in their bag, they can be checked as soon as possible.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Help for Distressed Children

    If your child ever feels threatened while on campus or has to walk a distance to their car or bus after school, then an armed security professional can escort them. Additionally, if your child is being bullied and notifies an armed security guard, they can keep an eye out on the child who was bullying them, as well as report it to their parents and school governing body if necessary.

  • Advantages of Having Security Guards at South African Schools: Guidance

    Even though guidance doesn’t have much to do with security, an armed security guard will know how to get around the campus and will is easily able to guide parents or visiting teachers who may be lost. Guidance can also be helpful if there is a need for children to evacuate. The armed security guard can escort lost children to where they need to be safely.

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Armed vs Unarmed Security – How to Choose your level of Security

Armed vs Unarmed Security

Armed vs Unarmed Security – How to Choose your level of Security

Upon first consideration, it may seem obvious that armed guards would provide more security than unarmed ones. Dig a little deeper, however, and you will see that the decision between armed vs unarmed security guards is not so clear-cut.

How can you choose the best type of guard for your setting? In deciding to provide security for your business, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not to use an armed guard rather than an unarmed one. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, and here are a few things you should consider in order to make the right decision.

Threat Level: If the possibility of your employees or customers becoming a victim of crime is relatively low, hiring an armed guard may not be necessary. On the other hand, if there’s a medium to high risk, hiring an armed guard might be best if you are to deter would-be criminals. The presence of an armed guard is normally enough to prevent most people from committing theft, vandalism or even acts of violence, and can go a long way toward ensuring everyone on your premises is safe.

Type of Business or Activity: The type of business or activity you operate can also play a part, as the presence of an armed guard can be alarming in certain circumstances. For example, if your establishment primarily provides entertainment, having an armed guard present can put a damper on your patron’s moods, and make them less likely to enjoy themselves. On the other hand, an armed guard could make people feel more secure at an apartment complex or hotel, which in turn would make your property more desirable than others.

Cost and Training: As a rule, armed guards tend to undergo a more rigorous training program than unarmed guards do. They are also more likely to have a background in the military or law enforcement. They will also cost more due to the added training requirements, and may come with an additional insurance liability as well.

Consider Armed Guards in the Following Circumstances

In some settings, armed guards are the best fit for the security needs of the facility or event. The decision to use armed personnel should be made with careful consideration and a high regard for safety and security.

  • Use Armed Guards When Priceless Valuables Are Involved

There are some treasures that require the highest level of safekeeping. If your goal in hiring security guards is to protect valuables of great worth, such as priceless jewels or art, you may want to consider armed guards.

The presence of security guards who carry lethal weapons may discourage attempts at theft or other crimes. If someone does attempt to vandalize or steal the valuables, an armed guard can match the weapons of the criminals, who may well be armed themselves.

  • Use Armed Guards When Violent Situations Often Occur or Are Likely to Occur

Some settings are more prone to violent outbreaks than others.

One example is establishments in high-crime areas, particularly ones that operate during late-night hours, such as bars and nightclubs. Another example is hospital emergency rooms, especially those that frequently treat those involved in gang fights or other criminal activities.

When determining whether to put armed guards in your violence-prone location, consider whether the presence of armed guards will serve to diffuse tension and safeguard against violence or whether the sight of a gun may provoke further escalation.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for this; you must evaluate the specifics of your situation to determine what is best.

  • Use Armed Guards When the Guards Will Be Behind the Scenes

Although armed security guards may put business owners at ease, knowing that their goods and property are securely protected, they can also set clients and customers on edge.

Seeing an armed guard may introduce the thought that the business is not a safe place to be, so the security team must carry guns in order to protect it.

Therefore, armed guards are often best used in behind-the-scenes roles, rather than directly in the public’s eye. They can quickly appear on the scene when needed, but until then, they are able to remain out of sight of the general public.

Consider Unarmed Guards in the Following Circumstances

Although some situations warrant the use of armed security personnel, many settings can be kept secure without the use of lethal force. Business owners and event organizers can rest assured that unarmed guards provide sufficient security in most scenarios.

  • Use Unarmed Guards When You Want to Save Money

As a general rule, armed guards cost more than unarmed ones. For those on a limited budget, this may automatically make unarmed guards the most logical choice.

Beyond the increased hourly fee for armed guards, there may also be other costs that come with hiring armed security. For example, if you keep an armed detail on your premises, your insurance costs may go up.

  • Use Unarmed Guards When You Want to Avoid Liability

Property owners may be held liable for the actions of the security guards on their grounds. If an armed guard shoots someone and causes injury or death, you could be held responsible.

If you are not comfortable with this level of liability, consider hiring unarmed security, which can use non-lethal weapons to deter crime and violence. These may include tasers, batons and sprays: effective without being deadly.

If you do choose to accept the responsibility that comes with hiring armed guards, ensure they are licensed and have met at least the minimum requirements for armed security in your state.

  • Use Unarmed Guards if Access to Law Enforcement Is Quick

If police officers can be quickly deployed to your site, you may not need armed guards. Instead, set your unarmed security team up with communications tools with which they can get in touch with police.

For settings in which multiple unarmed security guards are on site, they should also have an easy way to communicate with one another, such as two-way radios.

This allows the guards to call for on-site backup in emergency situations. With backup, guards may be able to diffuse the tension on their own or maintain the situation until police arrive.

How to Make the Final Decision – Armed vs Unarmed Security

So how can you decide which type of security guards are best for your situation? There are circumstances that will be best served by armed guards, while in other settings unarmed guards are best. You will have to weigh the various factors for your particular situation when making a decision.

You don’t have to make this decision alone, however. The security company you hire can be a valuable source of information. Ask their experts for advice on whether armed or unarmed guards are best for your setting.

By evaluating the specific factors at play at your event or facility and considering the expert input of a security firm, you can make an informed, reliable decision about the best approach for your needs.


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