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Why Is a Risk Assessment Important?

Why Is a Risk Assessment Important

Why Is a Risk Assessment Important?

A comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all security systems, controls, and their parameters in a particular public/private property, asset or an organization is called physical security assessment. Generally, it is the combined process of conducting intensive audit and analysing the audit results pertaining to the entire physical security mechanism of any particular facility

Security assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.

Mantis Security offers on site security risk assessment services that bring peace of mind to our clients, whether they are private individuals, businesses or organizations. Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to mitigate the risk of that threat.

The results of the risk assessment analysis will indicate methods of application and recommendation of a proposed security structure as well as economic analysis of cost. The security assessment uses a structured, formal analysis process that allows us to develop a deep understanding of your business, operating conditions, corporate culture, and unique security risks and threats.

While client involvement is crucial to success, consultants facilitate the assessment every step of the way, keeping the project on track, and making sure that all important elements are examined.

Importance of Physical Security Audit

There are many kinds of natural as well as human initiated threats to the resources, assets, sensitive information and business secrets that can result in either partial or complete devastation of a person or an organization. Those threats strike either through IT network or through physical intrusion.

Intrusion into IT resources is much easier, if a hacker is able to physically intrude into your facilities. So, the physical security systems should be 100% active, effective and alert all the time that can be achieved by implementing frequent physical security audits. Security audits can help you find flaws and deficiencies in the security systems so that you can easily resolve them to them robust and sturdy. A robust security system is necessary to safeguard your assets and business related strategic information.

Major Problems Physical Security Assessments Can Uncover

Physical security assessments can uncover numerous problems associated with the organization or office security. A robust security system may include numerous security controls, such as, human guards, physical locks, intelligent locks, fences, CCTV system, lighting, alarm systems, goods movement controls and many others. And, physical security assessment finds out the security gaps related to an existing security policy of the organization are uncovered with the help of visual inspection and operational activities. The main problems uncovered by the physical security assessment include:


  • Lack of proper follow up for the security policy by higher management to implement it
  • Very poor level of motivation, supervision and monitoring over the human security guards hired from the third party contractors, which lead to improper adherence to security policy procedures
  • Low level of precaution and care by employees about the valuable assets of company such as, laptops, furniture, office equipment, workstations and others which are compromised by a less-than-efficient security system.
  • Both the employees and the security staff are not very well aware/trained about the security policy and procedures while accessing assets, working with assets and leaving the company.
  • Proper wearing the company identification badges. Many third party contractors and employees don’t wear badges all the time; or the pictures of badge holder on those badges are unrecognizable.
  • Poor control over the visitors to the company or its employees. Many employees either escort their guests with them or they don’t make the proper entries in the visitor registers.
  • Security screening of the employees of a third party contractor. Many employees working with contractors are not fully screened in normal situations.
  • The lack of secure handling and movement of documents within the company and outside the company premises is another critical issue mostly found in security audits.
  • Skilfully monitoring of electronic security system is another issue due to unskilled staff that operate them .
  • The regular testing, maintenance and monitoring of the security equipment at all points are not conducted as per defined policy.
  • Inadequate lighting inside and outside the building, backyard or walls is another important issue commonly highlighted by the security audits


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