Security Dogs – Should Your Business Security Guard Have a Guard Dog?

There are a variety of reasons why you might find the need for an extra level of security. From making sure your home and family are secure to ensuring the safety of yourself and employees safety at the workplace, taking appropriate precautions can truly be a lifesaver and save you financial headaches, emotional distress and a myriad of other negative consequences.

An option people consider, either alone or paired with a security system or security guard, is having a security dog or guard dog. Large breed dogs with a propensity for guarding, such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans, can scare off a burglar, particularly if they are inside your home instead of your yard, or accompanied by a trained canine specialist security guard t the perimeter or entrance to your business premises.

Burglars also dislike smaller dogs with a tendency to bark as this noise can draw attention to their attempts to break in. Dogs that bark the most include Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Beagles, and several small terrier breeds. Special consideration should be taken if you are gravitating toward having a smaller dog breed as a criminal deterrent; the sad reality is, due to their size, they are easily “quietened” by a determined criminal.

If you do decide to use a dog for protection, make sure you have one that is properly trained and socialized. Using a canine specialist from a security company such as Mantis Security provides you the peace of mind that both the canine specialist security guard, as well as the dog itself, are fully trained to handle any situation.

Reasons You May Want to Get a Security Dog

Security Guards Offer Extra Protection

While all businesses in high-crime areas can benefit from a monitored security system, in some cases you may need to couple this with security guards or other forms of protection. Consider what the policy in your county is for police response to alarm calls. Some departments will not respond right away to calls from an alarm service, and some may have a policy of not responding at all due to too many false alarm calls. In this case, hiring a security guard service is an extra level of protection.

Security guards are a good option for private businesses worried about crime, as well as for public and government buildings and transport buildings concerned about not only criminal activity but possible terrorist threats. Uniformed security guards are also an effective visual deterrent in these situations. Security guard services vary and may provide guards who stay constantly at the property or who visit the property at intervals or respond immediately to notifications from your alarm system. They may also be armed or unarmed depending on your needs and may have additional specialized training.

You Are a High Profile Person

If you are a “high profile” individual, such as a celebrity, politician, or a wealthy person, you may feel the need to have a personal bodyguard. People in this group tend to be targets for overzealous fans, thieves, and individuals who wish to hurt them physically. In this scenario, a personal bodyguard service is a smart choice.

Personal Protection Dogs Minimize Risks

Having a personal protection dog trained that travels with you is also an effective visual deterrent, especially since the dogs most often trained for this service are large, intimidating breeds. These dogs work best for people who feel they are personally at risk for the same reasons they might hire a bodyguard and who prefer a canine companion, or they may use a dog in conjunction with other protection services. The drawback to a personal protection dog is they come with considerable expense and may cost a considerable amount – due to their high level of training and breeding. You also may not be able to take them with you everywhere you go.

You or Your Business Transfers Cash or High-End Goods

If your business needs to move cash deposits to a bank or ship expensive items, such as jewellery, electronics, or even sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, then you may need additional security systems. In this instance, you can hire a security guard service on a short-term basis to stay with staff during the trip to the bank until the funds are secure. You can also hire them to travel with goods during transport or provide guards in patrol cars to monitor the car or truck making the delivery.