Should Your Existing Security Guard Have a Guard Dog Accompany Him? Considerations to Make

Guard Dogs Provide Extra Precaution

As a way to add an extra precaution, working with a security dog could be a good idea. As long as the animal is well-trained and able to handle itself well in the field, it could work as a great addition to the team. The staff members must all know how to handle the animal, though, to ensure it does not become a problem.

Dog Patrol Security Officer License

Not all security officers are trained to handle dogs. They have to obtain the proper licensing and gain sufficient experience if they want to have a guard dog on duty with them. This license indicates an understanding of how to handle the animal in the field and knowledge of dogs in general. You should never work with an animal of any kind unless you feel comfortable doing so.

Guard Dog Welfare Requirements

Rightly so, there are particular requirements when it comes to the welfare of guard dogs. Private security companies that wish to have them on their roster must keep the animals adequately caged or within a safe room. Their living quarters must remain clean and well-kept so as not to expose the animal to unsanitary conditions. They must all be properly fed and provided with water, including a portable water source that can be taken on duty. Regular vaccinations are necessary as well.

Guard Dog Registration

There are also further requirements for canines labelled as guard dogs. They must be registered with the right authorities.

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