Active Vs Passive Security Solutions – Mantis Vision Stays Ahead Of The Times

Physical security has risen in technology and in its overall presence in a variety of industries. Valuable assets are always at risk of being a target, including information, goods, services, and – of course – people. A fully functional perimeter security system uses a variety of active and passive barriers to maximize the access control of the facility and ensure only appropriate parties are allowed to enter the property. Overall, one of the biggest and most challenging goals of developing a perimeter security system is maximizing the overall security of the facility without diminishing the efficiency, function, and even aesthetics of the area.

What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Security?

Active security can be categorised as a system which itself either reacts to an unwanted situation, or gives off a (typically) silent alarm to notify those responsible for reaction that something is amiss. A good example of an active security system would be a motion detector. This system picks up even the slightest of movements, and triggers an alarm to the control room. The monitored control room will then respond accordingly. Perhaps an even simpler way to explain an active security system is that it allows for immediate response, alerts and notifications.

A passive system – such as a non-monitored surveillance device is there mostly for record-keeping purposes. Think of a CCTV camera placed at the entrance to a residential complex. This will record the number-plates and capture a facial image of every person entering the complex. It does not alert security to any breaches, nor does it send silent signals. Rather, it keeps visual record of all parties which can be referred back to in a situation where an incident or breach of security has occurred.

Mantis Vision Active Security Solution

Mantis Vision – the division of Mantis Security which focuses on surveillance and detection – has not only developed an active security system – but rather a pro-active one.

Making use of state-of-the-art cameras and software, your home or office (or wherever you choose, really) is monitored every second of every day – and is linked directly to a manned, 24 hour control room. Video feeds are transmitted in real time – enabling the control room to be notified before the crime is committed.

Furthermore, we are not bound by certain geographical locations. The Mantis Vision system can be deployed nationally – making it ideal for multi-branch companies, holiday homes, gated communities, estates and stock yards.

Having Mantis Vision on your side is as easy as calling us: We will send a professional to inspect your premises and determine where smart cameras are to be installed. A series of questions will be asked relating to high risk and high traffic areas, together with your exact security concerns. Our team will then install and setup the surveillance system on your premises with surveillance starting immediately.


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