Alarm Systems – How Often Should You Test Your Alarm?

“Once you have your security equipment installed and up and running, it can be easy to immediately fall into a sense of ease with your upgraded security and forget that the technology requires regular check ups and maintenance to ensure the system is working as it should be and is upholding the security of your premises.

Security System Health Check

Taking care of your security system is a simple procedure, but how often should you be performing the necessary checks?

Home Check Ups

There are some simple home checks you can carry out in between professional maintenance to ensure that your systems are running optimally, and, doing so will alert you to any faults earlier, allowing you to get your systems repaired and uphold the security of your premises.


We’d suggest that you check on your system every 6 months as minimum, but if you have an older system it is advisable to check your system every 3 months or so. Check that the batteries are working in all of your devices including your CCTV and burglar alarms, and, change any batteries that haven’t been replaced in a while – they should be changed every 3-5 years as minimum.


You should also check that your cameras are positioned correctly and clean the camera lens of your CCTV cameras using an appropriate lens cleaner or wipe every few months to ensure a good, clear picture.


If you have a sensor operated burglar alarm, it’s a good idea to go from room to room to check that the sensor is picking up on movement throughout the house. Simply walk around the room and check that the red light is visible on the sensor and that it comes on when you are moving.

Professional Maintenance

Having your security measures looked at by a professional service consultant will not only ensure that your security is upheld, it will extend the lifespan of your systems. You should call out a professional annually to perform diagnostics. The kind of assessments a professional service consultant will carry out include:

  • Battery Checks
  • Checks that signals are being received at the monitoring centre
  • Tests that panic buttons are functioning
  • Loose wire checks
  • Checks for damaged or worn parts that will need replacing

The tests that a professional service consultant carry out are much more comprehensive than the tests you are capable of carrying out by yourself, so it is imperative that you enlist the services of a fully qualified and well experienced professional.”

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