Canine Specialists And Security Services South Africa

Unlike a security or guard dog, a protection trained dog is social and affectionate animal, but possesses a natural instinct to protect and defend his pack. The dog is trained to alert you to trouble and to deter suspicious and criminal activity through fierce barking. If a perpetrator does venture onto your property, fully trained protection dogs may disable the perpetrator, on their own or on command until law enforcement arrives. These are dogs that are specifically trained to handle situations such as break-ins and home / office / event invasions and they are effective at both deterring crime and capturing predators who may make their way onto your property. Ultimately, they can keep your family and property safe from harm while providing unconditional love and affection.

Benefits of Canine Protection Services Through Mantis Security

The use of highly trained Guard dogs (K9) – in combination with specially trained security officers which are dog handlers offers the following benefits:

  • Professionally trained dog serves as a deterrent
  • Study – 83% of burglars said they would be deterred from committing a crime if there was a dog on the premises
  • Protect and alert the Security Officer and respond to eminent threats
  • Detect threats far quicker than humans
  • Selfless protector
  • Effective weapon

What differentiates K9 over Security Officers on their own?

  • Smell
  • Dog’s primary sense
  • It is 40 times better than humans
  • Dogs have 300 million sensory receptors. Human’s have a meager 5 million in comparison.
  • Hearing
  • Dogs can hear 4 x times the distance of humans
  • Sight
  • Best at dawn and dusk
  • Better than humans
  • Dogs can see moving objects better than humans

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