Commercial Security Missteps – How To Avoid Them

“How many security flaws do you believe are present at your workplace? Even if you have a security system installed, you may not be as protected as you think. Clever criminals excel at finding every little opportunity to strike and are likely better at sizing up the quality of a security system than you would expect. Without having the insight and technical expertise to identify weak spots or mistakes in your security system, you can easily present yourself as an easy target for burglary.

What Security Mistakes May Be Present In Your Workplace? And What Can You Do To Remedy Them If They Are There?

Only Securing Primary Entry Points

This is an incredibly dangerous mistake to make, and a surprisingly common one. Most facilities have multiple entry points, such as side and rear doors, loading bays, and employee entrances. It is absolutely essential to ensure that these locations are secured by some, preferably multiple security measures. Security cameras are a must, and, including extra layers of defence such as access control, is certainly recommended.

It is also important to pay attention for alternative entrances. Are there windows that can easily be entered? Is it possible for someone on the street level to gain access to your rooftop? Burglars will search for plenty of alternative entry methods that may not be immediately obvious to you at first glance. Securing these routes of entry are essential.

Pinching Pennies With Security Measures

What constitutes a good deal isn’t simply a low price tag. Simply put, you get what you pay for with a security system. The cheapest security options will never be the best, and half measures should never be considered when it comes to safety. While it may not be the easiest pill to swallow, quality hardware, installation, and monitoring come with higher costs, but it is worth it.

Neglecting Internal Security

Securing your facility internally is just as important as securing it externally. Professional criminals can get in and out of a business extremely fast, so even if an alarm is triggered by their entrance, it may be too late by the time law enforcement arrives on scene. Allowing a criminal access to your information or client information is disastrous, and, will likely cause severe damage financially and to your reputation. Intrusion detection and access control are both splendid tools in preventing this kind of theft.

Trusting A Non-Verified Security System

As mentioned earlier, security is NOT something you want to take half measures with. Typical alarm systems that skip the verification process will leave you vulnerable to false alarms, which often come with fines. More importantly, police won’t be as quick to react if they can’t trust that a crime is actually occurring.

Installing Too Much Security

Yes, this is a possibility. While it isn’t actually a security risk per-say, operating costs and monthly fees for running an excessive amount of equipment can add up. For this reason, we suggest finding professionals who are both trusted and have plenty of experience in this field. Letting greedy or underqualified consultants take advantage of your security needs by overselling you on hardware and services can potentially hurt your finances more than actual crime can!

Underestimating Criminals

There are some incredibly crafty criminals out there; while security systems are improving, so are they. Professional criminals are adept at knowing how to bypass conventional security measures. In order to properly secure your facility, you need security professionals who can out think them before they strike. Implementing an integrated solution with multiple technologies isn’t just suggested, it is necessary.”

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