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“Any Security Service Provider or Organisation wanting to provide or use dogs and/or trained handlers must comply with the minimum standards in terms of the Government Gazette No. 19067 Board Notice 120, and Government Gazette 19740 Board Notice 15.

The minimum standards determine that:

  • A security officer working with a dog must have been trained at an accredited dog training and supplier centre.
  • A Security Service Provider who provides dogs and trained handlers must be accredited as a Security Dog Supplier.
  • Clients who make use of dogs and/or handlers must ensure that their Security Service Providers comply with the relevant legislation.
  • All dogs used must have the necessary identification, and must have been trained at an accredited dog training centre.

What Grades of Dog Handler Security Guards Are Available?

  1. DH1 – Basic obedience and aggression on leash. Classification and use of dog breeds. Care and utilization of dog breeds.
  2. DH2 – Advanced obedience and aggression on leash. Working with your dog in an environment where people are present.
  3. DH3 – Advanced obedience and aggression + remote control. 5 – 10 metre distance control with your dog.
  4. DH4 – Highest level of obedience, independent work on and off leash including Attack off leash.
  5. DH5 – Substance detection (narcotics, explosives etc.) Full control of your dog while working off leash.

What Are The Benefits of a Canine-Assisted Security Guard?

Guard Dog’s Quicker Response from Faster Reflexes

“Typically trained guard dogs have faster reflexes and should respond quicker when you ask them to do something, ideally on your first command” A dog having only basic obedience training will probably need several commands before he actually completes an action.”

Guard Dog Loyalty

A dog that is trained as a watch dog is taught not to listen to other people’s commands. The dog will only listen to his owner and will not accept treats from others, so the dog cannot be bribed. This makes it difficult for an intruder to enter the house.

Professionally Trained Dog Serves As A Deterrent

A dog that appears alert, ready to react and is on a leash alongside an official-looking guard is surely one of the biggest deterrents to crime. 83% of burglars said they would be deterred from committing a crime if there was a dog on the premises.

Protect and alert the Security Officer and respond to eminent threats

A dog’s hearing and smell capabilities are light-years ahead of us humans. A dog’s primary sense is its smell; it is 40 times better than humans and dogs have 300 million sensory receptors, vs a meagre 5 million in humans.

Detect threats much quicker than humans

Reaction time from trained dogs is drastically shorter than that of an obedience-trained dog. Their faster reflexes should ensure they respond quicker when you ask them to do something, ideally on your first command.

Selfless protector and Effective weapon

A trained guard dog will attack anyone who his trainer commands him to. A well trained guard dog will also not release grip on a perpetrator until he is commanded to do so. This shows the incredible loyalty the canine offers us as humans, as well as how effective they are as non-lethal weapons. If the suspect or perpetrator is armed, the security officer in command of the dog will have sufficient chance to arm himself and react accordingly, in order to protect the life and well-being of those they are guarding, as well as the officer and the dog.


Unlike obedience training, security dog training may be performed at any age. A dog may acquire the necessary skills to protect your home even after he matures. However, it is important that he gets guard dog training as soon, and as early as possible, so that he won’t learn other skills that may interfere with the attack dog skills.

For instance, if a dog is trained not to jump on things, he will hesitate when being asked to jump during the guard training sessions. You can also request security services together with a trained security guard dog as security package.


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