Essential Security Elements In SA Over The December Period – How To Ensure You Have No Security Gaps This Festive Season

The December period in South Africa brings school holidays, families going on holiday, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. With this, it means that a lot of people are away from their homes, and businesses are closed, over this period. Shopping Centres and Holiday Destinations see increased numbers of people. Shopping Centres are at higher risk of being targeted during the December period in South Africa, whether during operating hours or outside of it. In general, criminals will target any place, anywhere, any time. This may even include hospitals, the beach, or vacant office buildings. We discuss how to ensure you have no security gaps this festive season.

“1. Cellular BDAs (Bi-Directional Amplifier)

Cellular BDA’s are an essential component of a comprehensive security solution. In the case of an emergency, cellular BDAs enable mass notification in the form of pre-recorded voice mails or text messages sent to cell phones. Keep in mind that unreliable cell coverage in a building or on your campus adversely affects your ability to effectively communicate in the case of an emergency.

2. Mass Notification Systems

Sound systems (e.g., paging and sound masking systems) play an important role in security solutions as messages can be sent via the sound system to alert those in an affected area.

3. Video Surveillance

Think both interior (e.g., hallways and elevators) and exterior surveillance including parking garages and walkways. Surveillance solutions are an essential component to a comprehensive security solution as the system can identify a possible risk, enable monitoring and provide a record of what transpired and when.

4. Intrusion Detection

This component of a comprehensive security solution is perhaps the most common and most understood. Intrusion detection incorporates both audio and video alerts notifying people in the area of the intrusion and contacting security personnel to address the situation.

5. Emergency Phones

Comprehensive security solutions include monitoring and securing areas such as parking lots, parking garages and remote areas on your campus or premises. Emergency phones with the blue lights are a welcome sight in such areas as these phones are a direct link to the security department. Combined with an expertly installed surveillance system, security personnel can be alerted for a prompt response and a video record of the event. Do you have areas where an emergency phone is needed?

6. Access Control Systems

From bio-metrics to card access, access control systems provide an effective security solution commonly integrated into surveillance systems. Access control systems are an effective way to authorize access with applications for business, healthcare and education. Security personnel can monitor as well as retrieve records including video with date and time stamps.

7. Patient Tracking Systems

Protecting people in the form of patient tracking systems provides peace of mind for family members and is an important security component for healthcare personnel. Security and safety is enhanced when patient tracking systems are combined with access control, surveillance and sound systems for a comprehensive solution.

All of the above security system components can be fully integrated into a mass notification system to alert individuals of an event and provide recommended course of action.”

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