Free Security Risk Assessments And How To Become More Secure

In recent times, crime has become the norm in South African society and more companies and private individuals are seeking the services of professional security companies.

One of the most important aspects that you need to bear in mind is a Risk Assessment.

Why Is A Risk Assessment Important?

A comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all security systems, controls, and their parameters in a particular public/private property, asset or an organization is called physical security assessment. Generally, it is the combined process of conducting intensive audit and analysing the audit results pertaining to the entire physical security mechanism of any particular facility.

Security assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.  

Benefits Of Security Risk Assessments

“Prevent Security Breaches

Even if you’ve never had security problems, a risk assessment is a great way to predict your likelihood of having one. Specialists will identify all possible security risks and address them accordingly. When all of your risks have been taken care of, you stand a good chance of preventing any future security breaches.

Improve Your Current System

You might think that you have a great security system, but it’s hard to know what aspects can be improved on. Our experts will come in and work with your staff to identify problem areas and points of weakness. The collaboration between our staff and yours will result in a more effective security system that will cover more ground and help keep your building secure.

Identify Ideal CCTV System Placement And Identify Security Weak-Spots

One of the benefits of bringing in the experts is their ability to identify the best spots for your surveillance equipment. They will provide you with useful tips on proper placement such as ensuring cameras are both hidden and visible, they are placed at a higher location, and they cover all entry points. Experts will work with your staff to identify the best place for your cameras to maximize visibility and coverage of your security system to improve your property’s overall security.”

How To Become More Secure – How To Make Your Home More Secure

  • “CCTV On The Perimeter Of Your Home
    • The perimeter of your home is the first element you must secure.
    • Smart security creates convenience, but traditional solid, mechanical security is still important.
    • CCTV cameras should monitor your driveway and perimeter.
  • Using An Electric Fence To Deter Intruders
    • The next step is an electric fence. The electric fence should follow industry guidelines to ensure it is not easily penetrated.
    • The fence bracket must be at least an eight-strand square tubing. 5, 6, 7, and 8-string flat and round bar fences are easily breached.
    • The electrification wire should be highly-conductive. These offer little resistance and deliver the right amount of energy.
    • Check your fence is always on and working.
    • Make sure the fence is correctly installed, without loose wires. Criminals lift the bottom strands of fences to slip through.
    • Use a strong wall to keep criminals out. Don’t install an electric fence on a precast wall.
    • Install batteries to protect against load shedding or electricity outages.
    • Do not switch the fence off when the alarm goes off repeatedly. Criminals can create a short in the fence, hoping it will malfunction or that the owner will switch it off.
  • Have A Good-Quality Driveway Gate
    • Your gate should have an anti-lift device to ensure it cannot be taken off its rails, while the gate motor should be secured with an anti-theft bracket.
    • Pedestrian access gates and doors should be locked with a cylinder lock or four-lever mortice lock. If you use a hasp and staple, the padlock should be the right size.
    • A security gate as well as a door are ideal here.
  • Have Another Layer Of Perimeter Security
    • Apart from an electric fence, have another security layer in place – like exterior beams.
    • Exterior beams can pick up movement and activate an alarm system, warning you of an intrusion.
  • Burglar-Proof Windows
    • Windows must be burglar-proof. Burglar bars on all windows are essential.
    • Make sure they’re made of solid or strong steel and built into the wall, not the wooden window frame.
  • Strong Doors With Good Locks
    • Doors must be solid, not hollow, with a four-lever mortice or cylinder lock.
    • A multi-point lock, which locks at the top, middle, and bottom, is an excellent idea for main doors.
    • A deadbolt or night latch will also offer a point of resistance. A long metal strip should also be welded over any gap that a crowbar can fit through.
  • An Intercom System
    • An intercom lets you buzz people in while you’re inside the house and view them from a monitor.
    • A mobile viewing app lets you see guests or tradesmen and control their access from the safety of your home.
  • A CCTV System In The Home
    • A CCTV system recording permanently or one which records when movement is detected keeps track of all that happens in a home.
    • Check the size of linked hard drives to make sure you know how many days of recording it allows. Identifying criminals will also require decent-quality equipment.
  • Use Smart Elements
    • The smartest way of securing your home right now is online and app driven.
    • A home-automation system incorporating smart security lets you unlock your door with a smart door lock and an app.
    • Unlocking the door alerts the system that you are home, which deactivates the smart alarm system and simultaneously switches on the CCTV system.
  • A Smart Alarm System
    • A smart alarm system, with door and window contacts, activates an alarm if any entry is detected.
    • Vibration sensors can be included to activate the alarm in the case of a window breakage.
    • All entrance points should be covered by the alarm system.
  • Smoke And Gas Detectors
    • Smoke detectors, gas detectors, and fire extinguishers or blankets should be installed in homes to ensure safety in the event of fire or gas leaks.
    • All detectors need to be checked regularly to ensure they are operational. Certain detectors can be connected to an alarm system.
  • Using A Reputable Security Company
    • A reputable security company can work with homeowners to protect their home and react to intrusions.
  • Alerting Companies About Emergencies
    • If the house is home to a senior citizen or someone with a medical condition, an app like ER24’s IDMe can alert ER24 in the event of an emergency.”

Mantis Security Provides Free Security Risk Assessments

Mantis Security offers on site security risk assessment services that bring peace of mind to our clients, whether they are private individuals, businesses or organizations. Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to mitigate against the risk of that threat.

The results of the risk assessment analysis will indicate methods of application and recommendation of a proposed security structure as well as economic analysis of cost.

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