Home Invasion Prevention Products – Best Ways to Prevent Home Intrusion

Keeping your home and family safe from an intruder takes a lot more than most would imagine. Home invasions are the kind of statistically high-probability, high-consequence nightmare that is difficult to guard against without seeming and feeling like a hopelessly paranoid person. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared.

Mantis Security is here to safeguard your home, your business – but most importantly – what matters to you.

How to Protect Your Home from Invasion

While there is no sure-fire way to ensure your home will never be the target of a robbery, hi-jacking or intrusion, there are measures you can take to prevent, deter and catch criminals.


Doors are the primary entrance points for burglars. Garage doors are often the easiest to breach, followed by the back door. Once hidden from view a burglar has more breaking-and-entering options available to them. Follow these safety tips for a secure entrance:

Replace deteriorating door frames so thieves cannot pry the door off its hinges. Use heavy-duty strike plates in sturdy wooden door frames.

All entrance doors should have a solid core (preferably metal).

Use heavy-duty, quality deadbolt locks with a dead-latch mechanism.

Prevent fraudulent entry by installing door chains and wide-angle peepholes mounted.


Since windows can provide access for an intruder, it is essential that you take the proper measures to secure them. Particular attention must be paid to ground floor windows and windows visible from the street. Even upper floor windows can present a threat to your home, especially if they can be accessed via a stairway, tree, fence or by climbing on balconies. The following are some recommendations to secure your windows:

Use blocking devices to prevent an intruder from being able to slide a window open from the outside.

In bedrooms, any window blocking devices should be capable of being removed easily from the inside to ensure your safety in the vent of a fire.

Use anti-lift devices to prevent intruders from lifting your windows up vertically.

Installing burglar bars is a permanent and cost-effective solution to provide physical barriers to would-be intruders.


Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are most effective as a deterrent to burglars when used properly, and when properly maintained.

Keep your yard sign visible and put alarm company decals in your windows and doors.

Do not write your alarm code anywhere near the keypad.

Be sure to update your security company with any pertinent information including your response call list.

Test your alarm regularly to ensure all access to your property is protected.

Consider Active Security

While all the above-mentioned measures are passive forms of security, active security (such as motion sensor beams and emergency keypads linked to a 24 hour control room are a great solution to having backup on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some major benefits of having a private security company on your side includes:

They have a superior knowledge of area security needs

Who knows the sort of dangers you confront better than somebody who lives and works in a similar territory? Mantis Security guards are extremely knowledgeable about the security issues homeowners and area businesses face and are in this way in the best position to offer an ideal security solution.

You can rely on better customer service

Local home security companies depend on their reputation to help them pull in new clients and keep them. This usually means you are probably going to get preferred treatment over using a large national firm. As a bonus, you can usually talk with local representatives instead of calling a long distance number and being rerouted to various offices.

Local alarm companies give quicker support

Should you encounter a need for repair, emergency response or service, Mantis Security offers 24 hours 7 days a week service support. Bigger organizations frequently have longer waiting times since they have just a couple of professionals that must be dispatched from some distance away. Local security companies have staff who can respond to issues rapidly, guaranteeing you experience as little of a downtime as possible.

It helps your economy and local community

Purchasing locally is useful for your local economy, and keeps a significant amount of dollars in your own community. Additionally, you are helping everyone around you get paying jobs – meaning more employed people, more security and a great contribution to the economy.

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