Human Investigation Management – Why Specialised Security Should Be Accredited

When you’re in the throes of employee management, you’re likely dealing with everything from minor disputes, grievances, code of conduct adherence enforcement – the last thing you should be worrying about is honing in on your (likely) undeveloped skills to be the lie detector, the investigator and agent who controls the outcome of serious disciplinary procedures and cases.

Hiring an external consultant to conduct your investigations at the workplace is the logical, viable and educated decision any business owner should make. However, you can’t just find the first security company who offers specialised security services such as investigations; this is where accreditation boards play a huge role. Just like being a registered PSIRA guard lends more credibility to your name, the training undergone to become accredited offers myriad of tools, knowledge and tactics to be the best possible consultant you can be. Rigorous and continual training allows accredited HIM agents to perform investigations correctly, ethically and effectively.

Benefits of Using Investigators Who Are Officially Qualified

There could be a flotilla of circumstances where you would require the service of a qualified and accredited investigator. Add to that, there are endless of benefits when it comes to hiring a team of private investigators.

First and foremost, accredited investigators come with the necessary skill, knowledge and education required to properly conduct and conclude investigations of even the most sensitive nature.

Any security company offering specialised services such as investigations should have employees working for the, who are appropriate skills, knowledge as well as the experience needed to get the work done quick and dexterously. They are qualified, accredited, trained and prepared for any situation which may arise during an investigation. Hiring an unqualified investigator is the equivalent of placing a police uniform on a civilian and expecting the same type of service.

There are qualified investigators who also have knowledge and acquaintance with law enforcement background. Add to that, they are properly trained to do this job adeptly and have proper knowledge of the steps and tools to deploy, as well as which resources to turn to, during the course of an investigation.

Anonymity is a huge factor in investigations; confidentiality of the matter, if breached, may compromise the entire investigation and even corrupt it to a point where it cannot continue.

Time saving is also another huge benefit when choosing to engage the services of a qualified investigator. A thorough investigation involves a lot of time. The process of investigation may include unprecedented workloads, as well as follow-ups, reporting, and dealing with ad-hoc issues as and when required. Among your family life, job and social life you will likely not have the time and energy to complete the investigation successfully.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Qualified Investigator?

  • Employers and business owners

In today’s environment, going through a background check of an employee would be a safer option. Also if you wish to check out on your potential business partner, worker, a caregiver or even nanny for your child, then hiring one would be useful in your case. These professionals have access to your data base which the general public is not aware or acquainted with. A great amount of detail and information can be extracted, and a private investigation company knows well how to extract them effectively.

  • Domestic or criminal inquiry

Private investigators are extremely useful and handy when it comes to legal investigations. Even attorneys do not have that much of time to dig into details and investigate on each and every minute detail. However, a private investigator has all the time to go through a thorough investigation procedure and accomplish the job.

  • Missing persons

They tend to be extremely helpful especially dealing with a missing persons case. They have the experience and knowledge about how to proceed with the work when looking for a lost family member or individual.”

  • Suspected theft, fraud or misconduct at the workplace

Using an existing staff member to conduct investigations on “misbehaving” employees is not only a waste of resources (it detracts that employee from conducting their regular, daily scope of work), but it can be overwhelming for the employee conducting the investigation to remain impartial to the situation. The employee will likely also not have the skillset required to cover all bases and conclude the investigation correctly.


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