In-House vs Contract Security – Advantages Of Contract Guarding

Many security managers or directors have concerns that switching to a contract security provider will mean they are of lesser value to their company and risk losing their position.

However, a transfer to contract security can have the opposite effect. Security managers who outsource their security program find they no longer have to spend long, arduous hours dealing with the day-to-day challenges of managing security officers. Instead they are able to offer their skills in the more noticeable areas of security consulting and analysis. This, in turn, increases their value to the company while decreasing their security strain as they can delegate security personnel functions to the contract security firm’s management staff.

Another main cause for uncertainty by some companies to switch to contract security is the perception of a lack of quality security companies. While finding a reputable firm amongst the many security companies within the industry may be a challenge, there are some companies which operate on an advanced level. These are companies which conduct thorough background investigations and have a scrupulous process for selection of personnel. Quality companies are capable of offering competitive benefits and wages, superior training and employee development opportunities. Read about how Mantis’ security officers are PSIRA registered – ensuring you even further peace of mind.

In most cases, the cost of an outsourced security program is comparable to a company’s in-house budget. However, the added protection provided along with the elimination of other costs actually acts to reduce a company’s long-term expense. Other costs associated with in-house security budgets may include overtime wages, recruiting, background check expenses, training, uniforms and personnel for payroll services.

Benefits of Contracted Security

  • Less time spent managing security issues internally
  • Provision of security equipment; initial cost, maintenance and replacement costs are not your responsibility
  • Outsourcing of background checks, training and hiring of guards means the integrity of your contracted security guard is ensured
  • Access to a broader range of licensed security staff; if you require a higher level of security guarding, you can upscale at any time
  • Experience in security-related legal issues – less stress for you, especially if this is not your field of expertise

The most obvious reason to contract a security provider is to minimise time spent dealing with the trivia of day-to-day security issues. Contract security will generally take care of background checks, training, and hiring of security staff, as well as sourcing equipment and uniforms, providing medical insurance benefits and more. This enables your management team to focus on your core business.

Additionally, in an ever-shrinking market of qualified and quality security staff, contract security offers diversity, flexibility and greater access to human resources, especially at peak trading times. The contractor should also deal with issues of employee relations and liability management.

As long as the due diligence is carried out in establishing the contractor’s expertise and experience as it relates to your industry, and their ability to integrate into your operations as a business partner, contract security can add tremendous value to your organisation.


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