Private Investigation Outcomes: What To Do When Your Investigation Is Concluded

You have hired a Private Investigator or made use of the services of a company specialising in Private Investigations. The investigation is complete; and they provide you with the outcome of it. What do you do next? Well, it depends on the type of investigation you have had conducted.

What To Do When Your Investigation Is Concluded?

“Just as insurers and attorneys have special needs, so too do private individuals. You have likely come here looking for answers. You may be facing a personal crisis or having doubts about the loyalty or wellbeing of a loved one. You may have suspicions which you need confirmed or laid to rest. Whether you are dealing with a missing child, a cheating spouse a divorce, or a child custody matter; we are prepared to help you determine the truth. Knowing the truth will empower you to move forward decisively and confidently.”

Depending on the type of investigation conducted, outcomes should be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • Police and Law Enforcement

The first expert’s private investigators reach out to are typically police officers. That should be a no-brainer, as cases sometimes involve criminal activities.

For example, if a client hires a private investigator to find their missing child, the investigator will reach out to the detectives already assigned to that case for the information they’ve already gathered. But just because private investigators work with the police, it doesn’t mean that they work for the police. It’s important to remember that Private Investigators can NOT make a legal arrest, and they can’t impersonate an officer.

The job of a PI is to gather information, not enforce the law.

In the case of Police and Law Enforcement investigations, what you will need to do will largely depend on the outcome and what the law states in terms of the investigation that was conducted.

  • Lawyers

Crime and law go hand in hand. If private investigators work with officers, it stands to reason that they would work with lawyers. In fact, they work with lawyers so often that’s where a big bulk of their clients come from.

Exceptional Private Investigators are so helpful for finding evidence for legal cases that law firms generally have an in-house investigator to do surveillance.

With Private Investigators who work with lawyers, the same protocol would apply as in the case with Police and Law Enforcement.

  • Insurance Companies

In special cases, insurance companies may hire private investigators to assess the scene of an accident, and cross-reference stories to ensure they correlate.

Insurance companies don’t just need investigators for collision disputes, there’s a big demand to investigate worker’s compensation – a huge industry rife with fraud.

An insurance company sends out private investigators to get photographs of a subject bending over to pick up heavy things, playing golf, or riding bike. This is a problem for the insurance company, because “the subject is supposed to be disabled, but those images show that they’re not.”

With the private investigator’s help, the insurance company can stop people from taking advantage of their services.

In the event of Private Investigations conducted on behalf of Insurance Companies, the companies may decide to reduce the client’s cover, open a case of fraud, and much more. This will also largely depend on the type of investigation.

  • Private Clients

As thrilling as it would be to join your private investigator on your case, clients cannot join the investigator during the investigation or surveillance.

Clients are involved to the point that they want certain info – and private investigators find that info. Do away with the Hollywood ideal of ride-along stakeouts. While the private client’s emotions may run high during an investigation, private investigators remain a non-interested third party, and have no emotional interest in the case.

When it comes to Private Clients who make use of Private Investigators, the list is endless of the type of investigations that may be conducted. What the client will do based on the outcome of an investigation will depend solely on the case at hand and any applicable laws relating to it.

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