Security Control Room – Benefits Of Having A 24 Hour Control Room As Part Of Your Security Package

Security Control Rooms can be defined as a facility that houses an information security team responsible for monitoring and analysing an organization’s security posture on an on-going basis. The security team’s goal is to detect, analyse, and respond to any and all security incidents or threats, using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes.

Control rooms are typically staffed with security analysts as well as managers who oversee security operations. The security staff working within a control room work closely with organizational incident response teams to ensure security issues are addressed immediately upon discovery.

Control room operators monitor and analyse activity on perimeters, parking lots, entrances, “weak spots” or areas which are easily breached, high-risk areas and more, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise.

The control room operators are responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly identified, analysed, immediately reported to response teams, further analysed and further reporting to “the powers that be” of where improvements can be made to avoid a similar situation arising.

What other benefits does a 24 hour control room offer those seeking around-the-clock security?

The key benefit of having a security control room is the improvement of security, incident detection through continuous monitoring, analysis of activity and assisted mitigation of further incidents.

The 24/7 monitoring provided by security control rooms allow homes, businesses and more an advantage to defend against incidents and intrusions, regardless of source, time of day, or attack type. The gap between attackers’ time to gain entry or commit a crime, and the control rooms time to detection is absolutely crucial. Having a 24 hour security control room helps individuals and organizations close that gap and stay on top of the threats facing their environments.

At Mantis Vision, we employ proactive guarding services using state-of-the-art cameras and software, detecting suspicious behaviour every second of every day. Linked to a state of the art control room and highly trained personnel, Mantis Vision will contact the armed reaction partner of choice to inform them of any unusual sightings at your premises, business or residential. Clients are also notified of suspect events by means of a video clip sent to your cell phone or by email notifications.

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