Security Guards JHB: Pros And Cons Of Instant Quotes

In recent times, crime has increased dramatically in the world, as well as Johannesburg, and a lot more companies, shopping centres and security complexes are opting for professional Security Guard Services. Depending on the industry and location & which of these categories you fit into, different criteria would need to be considered when shopping around for the right Security Guard Services to suit your needs.

Some of them would provide you with an endless amount of paperwork to complete just to get a quote from them. Others offer instant quotes, in two minutes to be precise.

Security Guards JHB – The Pros Of Instant Quotes

  • You don’t need to fill in an endless amount of paperwork to get a quote
    • Nothing is more frustrating than having to complete tons of paperwork, and this just for a quote.
  • You can get a quote in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee
    • You can fill in the online request, submit and wait for the email quote to arrive in your inbox. In the meantime, you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and when you arrive back at your desk, the quote will be waiting for you.
  • It makes decision-making that much quicker
    • What happens when you have to wait days or weeks to receive a quote for a specific service? You tend to look for someone with a faster turnaround time. When it comes to business decisions, you need to make a decision as soon as possible, especially when it comes to hiring a Security Guard.
  • It saves you valuable time
    • In business, time is money. Instead of having to wait days or weeks, you will receive a quote almost instantaneously, and you can focus your attention on other important matters.
  • It makes for a more proactive approach
    • Instead of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, you will feel that you have done something proactive and efficient in getting a quote so quickly.
  • It is hassle-free
    • It’s a very simple process and it does not make you feel that you are dealing with unnecessary admin.
  • Professional service
    • By making use of such an easy service, you will be provided with professional service with the click of a button.

Security Guards JHB – The Cons Of Instant Quotes

  • Your quote would not include your personal requirements based on a risk assessment
    • A risk assessment is very important to determine the type of Security Guard you may need. To find out more about the importance of a Risk Assessment, click here.
  • It may not cover everything that you might want to find out
    • Having the convenience of just typing in the basic information to get a quote, you may get your quote instantly, but will still need to contact the office of the company to ask all other relevant questions pertaining to the service that you require.
  • You are not provided with the option to choose whether you want an armed or unarmed security guard – Not a comprehensive quote
    • You will need to have a Risk Assessment done prior to getting a more comprehensive quote. This option only allows for a basic quote to be submitted to you.

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