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“Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unforeseen events.

Security risk management is the specific culture, processes and structures that are directed towards maximising the benefits of security in support of business objectives.

Adopting a risk based approach allows agencies to prioritise activities based on the likelihood and consequence of a risk being realised, to maximise business outcomes while minimising the occurrence or effects of events that may negatively affect outcomes.”

This excerpt from excellently summarises the objectives and goals of Mantis’s security consulting and risk management solutions.

How is a Security Risk Management Plan Structured?

Mantis Security provides professional security consultancy services that give assistance to both businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on our expertise of planning and executing a broad spectrum of large scale, integral turnkey security projects which optimally satisfy the client’s requirements, whilst remaining cost effective.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Mantis security boasts and intimate and first-hand knowledge of all aspects relating to security and risk management.

Mantis Security offers on-site security risk assessment services that bring peace of mind to our clients, whether they are private individuals, businesses or organizations. Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to mitigate against the risk of that threat.

The results of the risk assessment analysis will indicate methods of application and recommendation of a proposed security structure as well as economic analysis of cost.

Some methodologies for correctly assessing your security threats and needs include:

  • Risk and Consequences – What risks can be associated with your business or home? Will a hole in the boundary wall be more costly to repair, or does it pose a threat large enough to warrant not only repairs, but additional monitoring? Consider the consequences of every highlighted aspect your security consultant has raised.
  • Priority and Probability. Your risk assessment will give you an idea of the priority of the risk. Higher priority items should be mitigated and planned for before lower priority items. It may seem like a larger financial burden to re-secure all your perimeter walls and install motion detectors, and still link them to a control room, but the probability of a break-in is likely high – evident in the fact you have outsourced a security consultant. We don’t promote that you take the consultants word as gospel, but do not overlook blatant and probable situations which could be easily avoided by the implementation of the right tools and services.


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