Top 5 Reasons Outsourced Security Is Better Than Internal Security

Every organization needs to detect threats and immediately respond, but building a detection and response capability requires significant investments – and many organizations struggle to assemble the required pieces. The tools are rarely the problem; the hard part is finding a team of experienced analysts, researchers, investigators, and engineers that know how to operate and improve this capability. And while the underlying need is the same for most organizations, security programs differ drastically. Outsourcing security services can help.

Benefits of Outsourced Security

  • Benefits of Outsourced Security: Providing Well Trained Security Guards

Professional security guards are better trained and more knowledgeable than your in-house staff regarding security. They know well how to handle the security concerns occurring at your premises. A security guard can respond to the risks, prevent suspects, interview the witnesses, and inspect the area for safety risks and secure victims. Moreover, a professional security guard can help you prepare the loss prevention report that may be produced in the court.

  • Benefits of Outsourced Security: They Save Your Money And Time Being Wasted On New Staff’s Training

Hiring a security staff on your own is a time-consuming process. First of all, you need to advertise, interview and perform background checks on applicants.  After hiring, you have to spend time and money on the training. But that’s not in the case of hiring a professional security company.  The security company takes care of the hiring process and provides you with the security guard that is ready, willing and able to get the job done.

  • Benefits of Outsourced Security: Less Hassle And Inconveniences

Ever had someone call off sick?  Ever need to replace an employee who resigned?  Anyone who runs a business answers yes to those questions followed by an unhappy look.  Coordinating staff schedules to adjust for sick or resigning employees can be a stressful endeavour.  Hiring a contract security company is responsible for keeping your site staffed.  You avoid the stress and overtime cost associated with HR and attendance issues.

  • Benefits of Outsourced Security: Private Security Guards Handle The Security Matters Better

Professional security guards handle the security concerns more efficiently than in-house resources.  Training a professional security team has its unique challenges.  Security companies have the expertise to know how to prepare their people and manage them in a manner that results in professional responses to security incidents.  Private security service companies know what security guards must have.  Businesses often have difficulty training their internal security staff to respond the security incidents as professionally as a security guard from a private security agency.  Challenges training directly employed security staff is due to the fact that safety is not the core competency of your business. Otherwise, you would be running a security service company.  Contracting with a private security service agency allows you to focus on your core business.

  • Benefits of Outsourced Security: Private Security Is Cost Effective

Besides paying them salaries, you have to cover the additional costs of your internal security team which includes employee taxes, vacation, benefits, overtime, holiday pay, and annual raises.  When you contact a security guard services company, your cost is based on a fixed hourly rate.  That rate does not change until the contract changes.  As a result, you are protected from unexpected labour-related cost increases or overtime costs.


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