Types Of Security Companies In SA In 2019 – And How To Choose Based On Your Needs

“It is widely known that South Africa is one of the un-safest and most dangerous countries, which has given rise to one of the biggest private security force in the world.

The latest numbers from the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) show that the country currently has 500,000 active security officers, with over 1.5 million registered officers.

This is far higher than the South African Police force and the military, combined.

The South African police force, meanwhile, has around 153,000 sworn in police officers, while the South African army has only 89,000 active personnel – about half as many people as the private security force.

The private security sector is a multi-billion-rand industry, with citizens paying up to R45 billion a year for private protection.

However, despite the growth of the industry, and an increase in the number of active security officers between 2016 and 2017 (472,097 to 498,435) – not all categories of security are equal.

The number of security providers in South Africa has increased from 8,830 in 2016 to 8,995 in 2017 – an addition of 165 new SPs.

In terms of registered security businesses, however, there has been a marked decreased – moving down from 35,150 in 2016 to 31,470 in 2017. This decline of 3,680 registered businesses is across the board, with all but four business categories showing a drop.

The only increases were seen in cash-in-transit guards, reaction services, alarm installers, and dog trainers.”

Types Of Security Companies In SA In 2019

  • Security Guards
  • Reaction Services
  • Security Guards: Cash-in-transit
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment / Venue Control
  • Body Guards
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Control Room
  • Security Equipment Installer
  • Rendering of Security Services
  • Training
  • Private Investigator
  • Car Watch
  • Manufacture Security Equipment
  • Locksmith / Key Cutter
  • Insurance
  • Security and Loss Control
  • Alarm Installer
  • Fire Prevention and Detection
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Dog Training
  • Anti-Poaching

How To Choose A Security Company Based On Your Needs

“Engaging a private security company is considered to be the first choice both for commercial businesses and property managers to ensure the proper protection of people and property. You cannot just rush in to the first security service you see. There are many private security companies, deciding on the most suitable one for your needs can become a challenge. Before you make any decisions, let’s focus on the four essential qualities that define a professional security services provider.

Reputation is key in choosing a private security company.

It doesn’t matter that the company has been around for fifty years if they can’t protect your business, facilities, people and property. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Experience not only proves the reliability of the company’s security service, but also provides professional insight into the locale and the best ways to protect your assets. Check around in the business community. Look for a company that has “raving fans” great customer service, good relations with local law enforcement, strong technology solutions and innovative value-added service options tailored specifically for your needs. Ask yourself; can your security company provide proof that the service you are paying for is actually being carried out?
Look for security service providers with the experience to provide protection for businesses, financial institutions, executives, office complexes, multi-unit residential buildings, retail stores, malls, commercial properties, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, resorts, property management companies and more.


Reliability assures that criminals and vandals will see that your business, commercial properties, or residential buildings are guarded by a professional private security company that has the experience to keep them out. A reliable security services provider will make sure that your facility is under constant surveillance and establish a strong and visible security presence backed by the latest technology, trained and licenced security guards, proven policies, procedures and general orders. Security service providers that have been in business for many years will also have contacts with local authorities.

Integrity means professionalism.

Professionals make the difference in providing security. Look for a security company that has a commitment to strict hiring practices that include background checks and training programs assist in reducing client liability in the event of a major or minor incident by hiring only the top graduates of security training courses and also pass in-house training and induction. All security guards should hold individual security licenses. Even better, choose a security provider that also offers security guard training.
A professionally run security provider will make sure that the security team will work well with your employees and if you are in a shared building, they will make sure that the security guards work well with the other people in the building.

Affordability starts with considering your budget.

Make sure that you work out what you will be able to afford. Having a budget and knowing what you can pay out will help you to find the best service.”

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