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VIP And Executive Bodyguarding In South Africa: Guard Qualifications

Who Is Bodyguarding Right For, Bodyguarding Vs Executive Protection – The Differences, How To Get A Bodyguard Through Mantis Security

When you hear the word Bodyguard, you think of men or women in black suits with earpieces, black sunglasses and formal shoes with a very quiet demeanour and a no-nonsense attitude. Usually, you would think that Bodyguards are only for celebrities, royalty and politicians. Bodyguards can be used for any VIP or Executive clients.

Bodyguard Qualifications – What Is Required?

Educational Requirements

No formal education or degree is typically required of those who want to become armed bodyguards, but training in defense, weaponry and combat are required in almost every case. An education in criminal justice gives armed bodyguards an advantage in obtaining job opportunities. Training for armed bodyguards may be provided by private security companies to their current or potential employees and includes classes in unarmed combat, threat assessment and first aid.

Licensing Requirements 

In order to carry a weapon, a firearms permit must be obtained. Weapons licensing varies per country.” For more information about obtaining a Firearm Licence, click here.

“Body Guard Requirements

Armed bodyguards must exhibit the following traits:

  • Experience in the field of combat and defense
  • Excellent vision and hearing
  • Strong physical shape
  • Familiarity and knowledge of a wide range of weapons, both from an offensive and a defensive perspective
  • Active thinking, critical analysis and communication skills”

What Does a Bodyguard Do and Who Is Bodyguarding Right For?

“Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise, because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.

Bodyguard is a term that is used mostly in Hollywood. Personal Security or Executive Protection is the vocational name for bodyguards. Here are the main people or things bodyguards are needed to protect.

Celebrity Bodyguard Protection

This is the most obvious reason for protection. Famous people are well known, and sometimes they are not liked by everyone. This dislike can be dangerous to their person. Therefore, they should call in a bodyguard to help protect them from any possible assault. Bodyguards are also useful at keeping the media and paparazzi at bay.

Executive Protection | VIP Bodyguards

Many bodyguards are used to protect CEOs and other executives. CEOs are in control of companies that can range from a million to a billion dollars. Their need for protection can come from a few things. They need protection from disgruntle employees, corporate layoffs competition, kidnapping and corporate sabotage. Today, there is a tread of business executive with ties certain environmental issues hiring bodyguards as a precaution from avid protestors. Some executives use bodyguards just for business trips that include high- dollar meetings.

Concert Tours

A crowd can get rowdy at a concert. A bodyguard is there to protect the fans as well as the music superstar from being trampled over by others.

VIP Protection

VIPs are not Hollywood famous, but they are important. For example, one of the top billionaires in the country\world. They will need a bodyguard, because people will always try to kidnap him, rob him or even assault him due to his wealth and influence. Other VIPs use bodyguards to escort them from the airport to the hotel.

Dignitary Detail

Dignitaries have a high-powered job that wheels a lot of influence. Their bodyguards are specially trained to handle high risk situations. Bodyguards have to be aware of both national and internationally threats.

Political Figures

Mayors, state officials and other political figures use bodyguards for their personal safety.

Political Rallies

Family Protection

Private Estates

Jewellery and other Transport Protection

Assets Protection

Personal Security for Private Gatherings

Special Events”

Bodyguarding Vs Executive Protection – The Differences

“What Is A Bodyguard?

A bodyguard or close protection officer is an individual that provides personal protection to clients (referred to as principles). This usually entails personally monitoring their principles daily whereabouts.  It also means securing the areas their principles spend time in – such as clearing rooms before the principle enters. A Bodyguard monitors principles’ interactions with their environment and other people.

A bodyguard usually refers to the close protection officer (CPO) that is assigned to “shadow” the principle. This distinction is necessary when the principle is protected by more than one CPO.

Professional CPOs  are required to go through close protection  training courses. Among other things, they will be required to register with the appropriate regulatory authority, which in South Africa is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). They are required to have extensive weapons and driving training as well as emergency medical trainings. In South Africa weapons competencies are regulated by the South African Police Services (SAPS). Anyone using a firearm would need to apply for a firearm competency. These training courses generally cover all aspects of protection to keep the principle out of harm’s reach.

There are different areas bodyguards or CPOs may specialise in such as high threat, corporate or entertainment. Each of these fields require different skill sets and abilities.

What Is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection is an integrated system and deployment of physical & technical security measures and countermeasures. This system is designed to protect the life of principles. Executive protection often features multiple tactics to keep individuals safe.

CPOs form a vital part of executive protection, however this is just one component of a holistic approach. Various other specialized personnel are required such as intelligence analysts, cyber security experts, counter surveillance personnel and others to support any operation focused on protecting an individual. The primary goal of an executive protection contract is to find a solution to the risks posed to the principle. This requires complex skills in protective measures, as well as strategic thinking processes.

Executive protection provides you with a comprehensive security plan which is an advanced system of protection. This is especially important in high risk areas or for high profile clients. The best executive protection service professionals have years of experience in the industry, giving them the upper hand on potential threats.

These professionals are often trained in both local, and international contexts. This gives them an advantage in protection measures while traveling with clients and with foreign clients. A good EP professional lives up to international safety standards. In a modern world where sophisticated crime, international terrorism and natural disasters pose more of a threat, EP professionals should keep up with security trends and updates.

The best choice may not lie in which protection option works best for you. Rather, the best option lies in your protection services provider.”

How To Get A Bodyguard Through Mantis Security

Mantis Security offers a full range of discreet and reliable VIP security services. The Mantis Close Protection Unit is a team of highly skilled security specialists. All team members are fully accredited Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority and S.A.S.S.E.T.A

We can provide overt protection, with a uniformed VIP security services team, or discrete surveillance. Members of the Mantis Close Protection Unit have been deployed to protect government officials, athletes, celebrities, corporate executives and their families.  Our high-profile clients can have absolute confidence in our commitment to discretion and client confidentiality.

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