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Top Warehouse Security Procedures in South Africa

Top Warehouse Security Procedures in South Africa

Effective warehouse security measures are essential, especially in South Africa, where crime is a concern. This article will look at some of the best practices to ensure warehouse safety.

Protecting your inventory from theft or damage becomes essential when running any type pf warehouse facility – especially those located near major metropolitan areas such as Johannesburg, where crimes rates are higher.  Stolen goods, stock shrinkage, and damaged goods are leading causes of warehouse closures. Without proper security measures in place, these problems can deteriorate your bottom line at an alarming rate.

Importance of Warehouse Security Measures

Having a comprehensive, iron-clad warehouse security plan in place is crucial to protecting your business. Thieves will target warehouses as they are easy marks and hold high-value goods, such as foodstuffs and electronics.

Like any other facility security plan, warehouse security should be a multifaceted approach involving physical barriers and human interaction. Physical barriers can include fences, walls, and security cameras. Human interaction can consist of security guards and personnel who monitor the warehouse entrances and exits.

Types of Warehouse Security Measures in South Africa

Here are some of the top warehouse security procedures in South Africa to keep your business and employees safe:

  1. Install CCTV cameras and alarm systems

Warehouses that have implemented a good CCTV camera system to monitor all activity in and around the warehouse have seen a significant reduction in on site incidents.  The quality of the cameras matter just as much as the placement though.  You should place the cameras in high-traffic areas that capture clear images of people and vehicles. 

With advancements in technology today, it is even possible to have those cameras monitored by a professional security company.  This can turn your system from a reactive, post incident management tool, to a proactive, incident prevention tool – thereby bringing you a measurable return on investment.

Your alarm system should be linked to a central monitoring station to be activated when an incident occurs. In addition, the alarm can be set off manually when someone enters the warehouse without authorisation, improving your employees peace of mind.  Furthermore, your alarm signal can be linked to your proactive video monitoring service so remote security officers can dispatch appropriate response while continuing to monitor the situation.  It is a proven fact that emergency service and alarm response response is quicker when an alarm activation can be verified in advance.

The combination of these security measures have proven to be extremely successful in preventing and minimizing losses.  

  1. Restrict access to the warehouse

You should restrict access to the warehouse to authorized personnel only. You can do this by installing an effective access control system with card readers at the main entry points to the facility. Creating differing access levels also ensures accountability and ownership among employees as a properly implemented system can track who access what area, when and for how long.  

  1. Use security guards

Relying on electronic security measures exclusively in South Africa can be a challenge with issues such as load shedding.  Therefore, complimenting your electronic security measures with physical security guards is an effective way to deter crime. They provide a visible presence that will make employees feel safe.  Additionally, should the electronic security measures fail, they are already on the ground and familiar with your facility to identify threats and close any potential security gaps until the systems are restored.

A professional security company will ensure your security guards are properly trained to identify potential problems unique to your location and act accordingly. They also need to be well-equipped with radios, handcuffs, batons and sometimes even firearms or canines if needed.

Providing security services to a warehouse is very different to providing security to a hotel for example.  Therefore, always look for the best Warehouse Security Guard In Gauteng and Johannesburg, South Africa, that specializes in warehouse security.

Qualities of a good security guard include:

  • Trained and certified to provide security services
  • An active and valid PSIRA registration
  • Trustworthy, with a strong work ethic
  • Able to handle emergencies, such as violent confrontations.
  • Ability to identify potential threats and deal with them appropriately.
  • Prompt–Security guards should arrive at their shift on time and be ready to work.

Qualities of a good security company include:

  • Properly licensed and registered with PSIRA
  • Compliant with all current legislations
  • Properly insured
  • Provide all legislated benefits to the security guards such as medical and provident fund
  • The ability to provide a tailored and comprehensive risk assessment of your facility
  1. Manage stock carefully

It is essential to keep an accurate inventory of all stock in the warehouse. This measure will help you prevent stock shrinkage by quickly identifying any discrepancies and taking immediate action.

In addition, you should have a system in place to track stock movement. This step will increase employee accountability and help minimize the opportunity for goods to be stolen.

  1. Implement safety procedures

You should give employees’ safety training to know how to respond in an emergency. It would help if you also put procedures to handle hazardous materials and deal with fires.  

It is essential to have a written emergency plan that employees know and understand. A professional security company will be able to partner with you to draw up such a plan in a way that is easily understandable by all stakeholders.

  1. Lighting

Proper lighting makes it easier to identify suspicious activity. It should be adequate for nighttime operations, with no dark spots where criminals can hide.  It is important to do regular night inspections to ensure all the lights are working properly.  This can be a part of the security guards regular patrol duties.  Ensure that any broken lights are repaired as soon as possible.

Have a backup electricity supply or additional solar lighting in case of power outages can be indispensable.

How to improve warehouse security

The following measures will help improve warehouse security:

  1. Perform a Warehouse Security Risk Assessment

This step will help you identify the security risks in the area. It will also allow you to develop strategies to minimize risk and protect your goods.

A warehouse security risk assessment should include:

  • Reviewing the crime in the area
  • The layout of the warehouse and its surroundings
  • The type of goods stored in the warehouse
  • Identification of high-risk areas
  • Identification of personnel who have access to the warehouse
  • Identifying blind spots in cameras
  • Reviewing existing security measures
  • Reviewing evacuation plans
  • Reviewing and testing electronic security systems such as alarm codes and access control cards
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the lighting at night
  1. Implement a Security Awareness Program

Security awareness is an ongoing process.  Implement a security awareness training program to ensure that employees know the security risks and responsibilities. You should train employees to identify suspicious behavior and what to do if they encounter a security threat.

Hire a professional security company who is experienced in warehouse security to conduct the security awareness program. 

  1. Carry background checks on all staffs

Carry out background checks on all employees. This step will help ensure that they are suitable for the job and have a clean criminal history.

Make sure that you have a policy in place that outlines the type of checks you will conduct. This will help ensure that all employees are aware of the checks and treated equally.

In Summary

  • The warehouse security procedures in South Africa are essential to keep the stock and goods safe.
  • A warehouse security risk assessment is crucial to identify and proactively manage all the risks. 
  • You should also have a security awareness program to ensure that all employees know the risks.
  • Employing a properly compliant security company ensures they are just as committed to your security as you are.

By following these steps, you can improve the security of your warehouse, protect your assets and help your employees feel safe too.


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How to Hire a Security Guard in South Africa

How to Hire a Security Guard in South Africa

When it comes to security, many people ask themselves how much is adequate? Even though hiring security guards cannot guarantee an incident will not happen, hiring security personnel provides a sense of comfort and oversight that otherwise would not be present. This article discusses what you need to know about hiring a security guard in South Africa.

The role of the private security industry has grown around the world and South Africa is no exception.  This increase is due, in part, to the advances within the industry as well as an increase in demand for security services by both businesses and individuals.

Why Hire a Security Guard?

In South Africa, there are many reasons for hiring security guards. Some of the more common uses include risk mitigation, crime prevention and loss prevention.

The 3 D’s of any good security plan includes detection, deterrence and denial.  Hiring security guards can effectively contribute to all three of these elements. 

Deploying efficient security guards can help with the early detection of potential criminal activity.  The visible presence of security guards can deter opportunistic crimes.  A combination of technology and physical security can certainly deny access to your property.

Considering to Hire a Security Guard in South Africa

Here is what to consider when hiring a security guard in South Africa:

1. Assess your needs

Before looking for a security company, determine what type of service you will require to meet your needs. For example, do you need bodyguards or community sector guards? Are you looking for private security services, event security or even industrial security?

Once you’ve determined the exact type of security that will suit your needs, then move on.

2. Identify a security company

There are many security companies in South Africa, so it’s important to do your research before selecting one.

Make sure you choose a reputable company that has qualified and experienced staff.

I have listed several hiring companies in Gauteng and Johannesburg below for your reference.

3. Interview the security company

While interviewing various companies, make sure you ask them about their security service packages and prices. Depending on your requirements, find a suitable package that will provide exactly what you need in security services.

Give yourself enough time to choose your provider, as this process can be time-consuming.

4. Verify the security company’s license

Once you have chosen your security company, make sure you request copies of their licenses before signing any contracts or agreements.

Choosing a professional and quality service provider that will meet all of your needs without compromise is important. You can find more information on hiring security guards from the South African Police Service website.

5. Sign a contract

Once you have found a security company that meets your needs, it is important to sign a contract with them. This contract will protect both you and the security company in the event of any incidents, misunderstandings, or disagreements.

The contract should outline all the services they will provide and the terms and conditions of payment as well as liability cover.

What to look for in a Security Guard

Hiring a security guard in South Africa is an important decision, and you should do your research before hiring one.

Here are some key factors you should consider:

  1. Availability

Ensure the security company has enough available personnel to help provide the necessary service for your business or property. The hours of availability and terms and conditions should be outlined in the contract.

  1. Level of experience

The security company should have qualified and experienced personnel familiar with the type of security you need.

Ensure your security guard is properly trained and registered with PSIRA.

  1. Cost

Make sure you get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in hiring a security guard. This breakdown should include the cost of uniforms, equipment, training, and other associated costs.

  1. Background checks

The security company should conduct background checks on all their employees to ensure they are qualified and trustworthy.

  1. References

Ask the security company for references from previous clients so you can get an idea of their service quality.

  1. Training

Besides regulated training, the security company should provide regular refresher training for their personnel to be up-to-date on the latest security threats and procedures.

These steps apply when hiring security companies in Gauteng, South Africa, and when hiring security companies in Johannesburg.

How to Hire a Security Guard for a Day

South Africans can hire security guards for short term assignments as little as a few ours or even a single day.

When hiring a security guard for a day, make sure the hourly or shift rate is agreed upon in advance.

Ensure that the number of hours they work matches your requirements to avoid misunderstandings.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Security Guard in South Africa?

The cost of hiring a security guard in South Africa depends on what you are looking for and the duties they will be performing.

The time of the year, whether you want permanent guards or casuals, the type of work required and any equipment also affects the cost.

Your location will also affect the cost as it varies from city to city.

Here is a general cost of a security guard in South Africa according to procompare.co.za

The monthly rate of a 24/7 security guard working seven days a week ranges from R10,000 to R30,000 per month.

This cost depends on the guards’ duties, including gatekeeping, patrolling, or standing guard.


When hiring a security guard in South Africa, consider the factors and requirements listed in this article.

Always choose a security company with a solid reputation and sufficient staff available at short notice to replace your regular security guard should they not be able to make it to work.

Make sure you don’t compromise on service by going with the cheapest security company.  The short term gains in the perceived immediate savings could cost you millions of rands in the long run if there is an incident. 

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The Qualities of a Great Security Officer

The Qualities of a Great Security Officer

Written by Eyal Ben-Shir

Mantis Security

Two Guards Standing | Mantis Security

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” – John W. Gardner

Service delivery and trust are cornerstones in the security industry. If you offer guarding or any security related offering, it is imperative to hire or cultivate great people in the process to achieve successful outcomes. This blog post will look at key qualities of great security officers and how it relates to quality service delivery. Without considering the role of great people, it may prove to be detrimental overall. We need to clarify what distinguishes the great security officers.

Humility and the Willingness to Learn

“Faster. Stronger. Smarter. More humble. Less ego” – Jocko Willink

Security officers are placed in different environments characterised by various threats and risky situations. It is important for a security officer to be receptive to innovative ideas, ways of operating and welcome constructive criticism from supervisors. This allows one to develop his/her skills and fosters an attitude of humility. Humility allows a security officer to accept their own strengths and limitations. Humility promotes the openness to different perspectives, and this is crucial when security personnel deal with clients and the public.

The willingness to learn ensures that anyone in the security industry can keep up with emerging trends, recent technology and changing processes. Each person learns in diverse ways, and it is vital to establish the learning styles of any security officer so that training is beneficial for all. Learning can take place anywhere and at any time if one has a humble and open attitude. In the security industry, we all need to constantly educate ourselves and seek to improve daily. Without the willingness to learn, complacency can creep in and erode into service delivery. The consequences of this include stagnation, breakdown of trust, incidents and not learning healthily from mistakes. Clients demand great service and trust however without the foundational qualities of humility and learning, we cannot expect to achieve these shared goals. Great security officers look to impart knowledge to others whilst retaining that student’s mindset of learning from everyone. They tend to have healthy self-awareness and can take any criticism as an opportunity to sharpen and hone their skillsets.


“Power really is a test of character. In the hands of a person of integrity, it is of tremendous benefit; in the hands of a tyrant, it causes terrible destruction” – John Maxwell

Integrity is a constant pillar in the security industry. Clients pay hard earned money and expect their property, people, and information to be secured. Clients have expectations and the way to meet these important expectations is through a relationship of integrity. The core of integrity is about doing the correct thing even when it is unrecognised by others or convenient for you. Integrity has been suggested to be the antidote to self-interest and arrogance. A great security officer must have integrity entrenched in their values. This allows the client to have peace of mind and feel they can trust the officer at their home, business, or site. Without integrity, nefarious and tragic incidents could take place which may derail the relationship between the client and the security service provider.

Accurate information leads to better decision making but if a security officer forges or covers up any piece of information, this may result in a crime being committed. This can damage the security officer’s and the security provider’s reputation. Before employing any security officer, the necessary vetting and background checks should be conducted before hiring. Integrity is present in thoughts, actions and attitude and a great security officer embodies integrity in everything he/she does.

Observation Skills

“The price of peace is eternal vigilance” – George C. Marshall

Excellent observation skills allow security officers to notice threats, risks, and anomalies in the environment in which they work. Great security officers can detect, deter, and delay any irregularities and act accordingly. This also relates to quick reactions and a great security officer needs to gauge the situation as effectively as possible. He/she needs to pinpoint anything out of place and time. Being able to think on his/her feet and responding with composure are the hallmarks of a great security officer.

Being calm and situationally aware relates to superior observation skills. Certain situations may prove dangerous however situational awareness could mitigate further risks. Situational awareness is being aware of what is happening around you and identifying threats vigilantly. The ideal security officer can circumvent any obstacle and ensure he/she fulfils the greater mission of securing the client’s peace of mind and overall safety.


“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others” – Tony Robbins

The above qualities are all crucial however adept communication skills allow a security officer to express and verbalize effectively with all people. All clients have different requests and perceptions that a security officer needs to work with. Great security officers listen attentively, acknowledge what is being said and produce creative solutions to solve all complicated problems and issues on site. This translates in dealing with the public properly and ensuring superior access control. Highly trained and great security officers can also read nonverbal cues and observe body language. This may be the difference to thwarting a potential threat proactively or letting a crime be committed before it is too late.

Comprehension and understanding falls under this attribute of communication as security protocols may change and a security officer needs to be informed of these changes. A great security officer can converse with various levels of management, colleagues and this tends to be extremely useful in emergency situations. Excellent communication leads to strong teamwork, and this can further enhance the trust and service level delivery between the client and security provider.


“The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur” – Vince Lombardi

Drive is the mechanism which propels all the actions and decisions of the great security officer. Drive refers to the energy, passion, and enthusiasm of a person. The great security officer needs to possess genuine passion and drive to immerse him/herself in the security industry. A security officers needs to value human life and driven to help others. Without drive, the effectiveness of a security officer is diminished. This drive applies to anyone in the security industry as we will all face obstacles and problems which will need our intervention and ingenuity. The great security officer will prepare for the worst scenarios and are proficient at deescalating threatening situations.

To conclude, each attribute mentioned previously are like the tools needed for our handy toolboxes. Each tool is vital in delivering excellent service and making clients feel safe, secure, and heard. If you are interested in upgrading your security solutions or having one of our knowledgeable staff discuss a guarding solution with you, look no further than the leading contract guarding specialists in South Africa, Mantis Security. We can conduct a free risk assessment on your property, business, or establishment. Our related services also include employee vetting, background checks, domestic awareness training and state of the art screening.

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