Warehouse Security Johannesburg South Africa

Top Warehouse Security Procedures in South Africa

Top Warehouse Security Procedures in South Africa

Effective warehouse security measures are essential, especially in South Africa, where crime is a concern. This article will look at some of the best practices to ensure warehouse safety.

Protecting your inventory from theft or damage becomes essential when running any type pf warehouse facility – especially those located near major metropolitan areas such as Johannesburg, where crimes rates are higher.  Stolen goods, stock shrinkage, and damaged goods are leading causes of warehouse closures. Without proper security measures in place, these problems can deteriorate your bottom line at an alarming rate.

Importance of Warehouse Security Measures

Having a comprehensive, iron-clad warehouse security plan in place is crucial to protecting your business. Thieves will target warehouses as they are easy marks and hold high-value goods, such as foodstuffs and electronics.

Like any other facility security plan, warehouse security should be a multifaceted approach involving physical barriers and human interaction. Physical barriers can include fences, walls, and security cameras. Human interaction can consist of security guards and personnel who monitor the warehouse entrances and exits.

Types of Warehouse Security Measures in South Africa

Here are some of the top warehouse security procedures in South Africa to keep your business and employees safe:

  1. Install CCTV cameras and alarm systems

Warehouses that have implemented a good CCTV camera system to monitor all activity in and around the warehouse have seen a significant reduction in on site incidents.  The quality of the cameras matter just as much as the placement though.  You should place the cameras in high-traffic areas that capture clear images of people and vehicles. 

With advancements in technology today, it is even possible to have those cameras monitored by a professional security company.  This can turn your system from a reactive, post incident management tool, to a proactive, incident prevention tool – thereby bringing you a measurable return on investment.

Your alarm system should be linked to a central monitoring station to be activated when an incident occurs. In addition, the alarm can be set off manually when someone enters the warehouse without authorisation, improving your employees peace of mind.  Furthermore, your alarm signal can be linked to your proactive video monitoring service so remote security officers can dispatch appropriate response while continuing to monitor the situation.  It is a proven fact that emergency service and alarm response response is quicker when an alarm activation can be verified in advance.

The combination of these security measures have proven to be extremely successful in preventing and minimizing losses.  

  1. Restrict access to the warehouse

You should restrict access to the warehouse to authorized personnel only. You can do this by installing an effective access control system with card readers at the main entry points to the facility. Creating differing access levels also ensures accountability and ownership among employees as a properly implemented system can track who access what area, when and for how long.  

  1. Use security guards

Relying on electronic security measures exclusively in South Africa can be a challenge with issues such as load shedding.  Therefore, complimenting your electronic security measures with physical security guards is an effective way to deter crime. They provide a visible presence that will make employees feel safe.  Additionally, should the electronic security measures fail, they are already on the ground and familiar with your facility to identify threats and close any potential security gaps until the systems are restored.

A professional security company will ensure your security guards are properly trained to identify potential problems unique to your location and act accordingly. They also need to be well-equipped with radios, handcuffs, batons and sometimes even firearms or canines if needed.

Providing security services to a warehouse is very different to providing security to a hotel for example.  Therefore, always look for the best Warehouse Security Guard In Gauteng and Johannesburg, South Africa, that specializes in warehouse security.

Qualities of a good security guard include:

  • Trained and certified to provide security services
  • An active and valid PSIRA registration
  • Trustworthy, with a strong work ethic
  • Able to handle emergencies, such as violent confrontations.
  • Ability to identify potential threats and deal with them appropriately.
  • Prompt–Security guards should arrive at their shift on time and be ready to work.

Qualities of a good security company include:

  • Properly licensed and registered with PSIRA
  • Compliant with all current legislations
  • Properly insured
  • Provide all legislated benefits to the security guards such as medical and provident fund
  • The ability to provide a tailored and comprehensive risk assessment of your facility
  1. Manage stock carefully

It is essential to keep an accurate inventory of all stock in the warehouse. This measure will help you prevent stock shrinkage by quickly identifying any discrepancies and taking immediate action.

In addition, you should have a system in place to track stock movement. This step will increase employee accountability and help minimize the opportunity for goods to be stolen.

  1. Implement safety procedures

You should give employees’ safety training to know how to respond in an emergency. It would help if you also put procedures to handle hazardous materials and deal with fires.  

It is essential to have a written emergency plan that employees know and understand. A professional security company will be able to partner with you to draw up such a plan in a way that is easily understandable by all stakeholders.

  1. Lighting

Proper lighting makes it easier to identify suspicious activity. It should be adequate for nighttime operations, with no dark spots where criminals can hide.  It is important to do regular night inspections to ensure all the lights are working properly.  This can be a part of the security guards regular patrol duties.  Ensure that any broken lights are repaired as soon as possible.

Have a backup electricity supply or additional solar lighting in case of power outages can be indispensable.

How to improve warehouse security

The following measures will help improve warehouse security:

  1. Perform a Warehouse Security Risk Assessment

This step will help you identify the security risks in the area. It will also allow you to develop strategies to minimize risk and protect your goods.

A warehouse security risk assessment should include:

  • Reviewing the crime in the area
  • The layout of the warehouse and its surroundings
  • The type of goods stored in the warehouse
  • Identification of high-risk areas
  • Identification of personnel who have access to the warehouse
  • Identifying blind spots in cameras
  • Reviewing existing security measures
  • Reviewing evacuation plans
  • Reviewing and testing electronic security systems such as alarm codes and access control cards
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the lighting at night
  1. Implement a Security Awareness Program

Security awareness is an ongoing process.  Implement a security awareness training program to ensure that employees know the security risks and responsibilities. You should train employees to identify suspicious behavior and what to do if they encounter a security threat.

Hire a professional security company who is experienced in warehouse security to conduct the security awareness program. 

  1. Carry background checks on all staffs

Carry out background checks on all employees. This step will help ensure that they are suitable for the job and have a clean criminal history.

Make sure that you have a policy in place that outlines the type of checks you will conduct. This will help ensure that all employees are aware of the checks and treated equally.

In Summary

  • The warehouse security procedures in South Africa are essential to keep the stock and goods safe.
  • A warehouse security risk assessment is crucial to identify and proactively manage all the risks. 
  • You should also have a security awareness program to ensure that all employees know the risks.
  • Employing a properly compliant security company ensures they are just as committed to your security as you are.

By following these steps, you can improve the security of your warehouse, protect your assets and help your employees feel safe too.


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