Burglar Bars Pros And Cons South Africa

Burglar Bars Pros And Cons South Africa

Burglar Bars Pros And Cons South Africa

“After unlocked doors, windows are the second most frequently accessed point by would-by thieves when breaking into a home. As a vulnerable point, then, it follows that windows should be secured, and the best way to do this is by installing burglar bars. If you’re still exploring the idea, here’s what you should know…”

Burglar Bars Cons

The question begs to be asked – are there any real disadvantages to installing burglar bars on your home’s windows? With South Africa’s high crime rates, and the increasingly violent nature of many burglaries and home invasions, we’d argue that getting burglar bars is a no-brainer! Still, some folks are hesitant because burglar bars:

  • Ruin the view from the windows
  • Detract from the aesthetics of a home’s architecture
  • They believe that burglar bars can put prospective buyers off because it’s a sign that the house is situated in a high-crime area
  • Make people feel like they’re imprisoned in their own home
  • Impede escape from the home in case of emergency, like a fire, or prevent emergency workers or law enforcement officials from gaining entry.

Burglar Bars Pros

Says Africa Check – an organisation dedicated to promoting accuracy in the media – on average, 695 households are burgled each day in this country. Securing your windows, then, should be a top priority. Burglar bars help:

  • Prevent would-be burglars from breaking and gaining access through windows
  • Provide a psychological deterrent which discourages burglars from attempting a break-in
  • Lessen residents’ anxiety about burglaries and home invasions, by giving them peace of mind
  • Raise the value of your home, since potential buyers see a secure home an excellent investment

An added bonus for families with double-storey homes, burglar bars prevent children from falling out of open windows from upper levels of the home.”

Adding additional security, like burglar bars, to your home, can almost always be considered in South Africa. This is only a step in making your home more secure.

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