Security Needs Evaluation For Successful Property Management

“No two properties are the same. Whether you manage one or multiple properties each needs a unique security plan to prevent potential problems from becoming serious issues.

As a property manager, it’s important to stay on top of security concerns and advancements in technology as well as keep security staff educated.

Risk Assessment

Engage the expertise of an established security surveillance company to address these questions in order to design a security plan which meets the specific needs of the property:

  • Where is the property located? Inner city, low or high-crime area, or remote area?
  • What type of property are you protecting? Is it a warehouse, a shopping mall, apartment complex, or retail store?
  • How many people, hours of operation, what are the high-risk areas on the property?

Security Concerns

The more information you have about personnel or tenants, crime statistics, and demographics the better. Address the following questions with an experienced security professional in order to design a system unique to your property:

  • Is your building occupied 24 hours a day or only during specific hours?
  • Will you need access control/electronic door locks?
  • Is there a restricted parking area that needs to be monitored?
  • Will you be employing security guards or will properties be monitored remotely?
  • Do want the capability to look at surveillance footage in crystal clear high definition to help identify potential criminal activity or suspicious behaviour.
  • Do you want to be alerted when someone trespasses after hours allowing you to track an individual’s movements?
  • Is there appropriate lighting or does the security system need advanced infra-red illumination or low-lighting viewing cameras to identify those within the property?


Applying preventative measures to the property can deter potential crime, vandalism, and loitering. This also gives tenants peace of mind:

  • Surveillance cameras can be strategically placed to keep track of visitors, maintenance/repair people, deliveries, and outside activity.
  • Install adequate lighting, electronic door locks, and alarms; implement access control and a screening process for tenants; display signs that the property is being monitored.
  • Using Analytics (Artificial Intelligence) to be able to identify individuals crossing lines as well as be alerted and have the camera automatically use a voice recording to warn the trespasser.


  • The level of security can affect the marketability of a property. The more secure a property is and the safer people feel, the more attractive your property will be to renters.

Security Support

  • Partnering with a professional security company is a wise decision when assessing security risks on new construction or reassessing a current system.
  • Don’t cut corners on security when the safety of people’s lives are in your hands. Coming up short can result in loss of tenants, hurt your reputation, and devalue the property.
  • By teaming with a professional security agency, you will stay on top of trends and ensure that your property has the most current features.”

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