Mantis Vision provides proactive guarding services using state of the art cameras and software, detecting unusual behaviour 24/7.

Linked to a state of the art control room and highly trained personnel, Mantis Vision will contact the armed reaction partner of choice to respond to any unusual sightings at your premises. Clients are also notified of suspect events by means of a video clip sent to your cell phone or email notifications. For a free consultation, call us now.

The Mantis Vision solution is adapted to suit the needs of each client. A professional will inspect your premises and determine where smart cameras are to be installed. A series of questions will be asked relating to high risk and high traffic areas together with your exact security requirements. Our team will then install and setup the surveillance system on your premises with surveillance starting immediately.

  • A cost effective system.
  • Advanced security preventing criminal activity, unlike passive security solutions.
  • Not vulnerable to job fatigue or coffee breaks, the system is always on guard and watching at all times.
  • Video feeds are transmitted in real time enabling the control room to be notified before the crime is committed.
  • Proactive security to ensure compliance with safety rules and regulations.
  • We are not bound by certain geographical locations — the system can be deployed nationally. Ideal for multibranch companies, holiday homes, gated communities, estates and stock yards.