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Safeguarding your Sanctuary: Effective Strategies for Residential Security

In this latest blog post from Mantis Security, we look at the crucial topic of residential security. Safeguarding residential establishments, estates and homes involves a dynamic security effort. Our homes, whether they are houses, estates, or complexes, are seen as places of sanctuary. Residential security needs to involve not just physical security measures but utilise a complete security strategy tailored to the specific type of residential property.

According to BusinessTechSA, residential robberies with aggravated circumstances has increased across South Africa (BusinessTechSA, 2024). Gauteng accounts for the most burglaries at residential premises across all South Africa’s provinces with approximately 22.3% of home burglaries taking place in Gauteng (BusinessTechSA, 2024). Therefore, ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones is paramount in today’s landscape of increasing crime in South Africa. This further emphasises the need for enhanced residential security efforts. Based on this, our safe havens seem to be under threat, but this blog post will shed light on how to fortify your efforts to secure your home.

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” - Aristotle

Safety is a Mindset

It is important for all of us to develop a well-developed safety mindset. You can possess all the tools and physical security solutions however if you do not consistently practice vigilance and situational awareness then the efficacy of your security efforts will be reduced drastically. Situational awareness revolves around being aware of your immediate surroundings and assists you to anticipate threats in your environment. Being observant of suspicious people, activities and behaviours reduces the risk of opportunistic crimes from taking place. Being distracted, not attending to obvious security gaps, or even forgetting to arm your home alarm system when you go out can lead to troubling incidents occurring.

We all need to cultivate a system of safety habits. These can include locking doors, reinforcing windows with burglar bars, regularly assessing your alarm/panic system, checking the lighting around your home, trimming foliage to prevent overgrown bushes, and maintaining your CCTV cameras. These will lead to more proactive safety behaviours becoming habitual. A prime key example of a safety mindset is ensuring that outside contractors are vetted properly before, during and after their work has been completed at your property. Another example is consulting with an experienced security company to conduct an independent risk assessment and security audit to highlight any blind spots or glaring holes in your current security set up at your residential establishment.

A resourceful way to instil a safety mindset is to join a neighbourhood watch group and building strong relationships with your neighbours. This can forge a sense of community and encourage prosocial safety behaviours being practiced regularly. If more people are taught how to identify suspicious activities and maintain elevated levels of vigilance, then more residential crime can be prevented. This active approach can be a fun way to know your neighbours better, promote a safer living environment and allow more people to identify potential risks before they happen. Your residential security efforts first start with you, and we all need to make safety a habit.

Layering the Security Effort

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.” - W. Edwards Deming.

Coupled with this safety and security-based mindset, the layered approach to security is an effective strategy in residential security. Our previous blog post on business security echoed this layered security approach too (Mantis Security, 2024). As criminals get smarter in their efforts, we need to step our game up and make use of holistic security solutions and systems. The layered security effort starts outside and progresses inward. This includes electric fencing, motion sensors, professional security officers, lighting, CCTV cameras, access control systems, infrared beams, burglar bars, sturdy security gates and high-quality security locks. The key to properly layering your security effort is ensuring all these layers are interconnected. This can be compared to multiple lines of defence working together to deter and prevent criminal activity from taking place at your beloved home. Nowadays you can even monitor your home remotely via a security smartphone app on your mobile phone. This can also provide high quality camera footage when needed.
Modern security cameras with the advent of AI can assist us in flagging suspicious people, objects, and potential threats in real time. This advanced threat identification is the way forward in combating residential crime and instilling genuine peace of mind. These cameras are capable of night vision and thermal imaging which can assist in a successful residential security strategy no matter the time of day or visibility conditions. Technology blended with professional security personnel will reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure a sound security solution at your home.

How Mantis Security Can Help

Mantis Security has a proud history of looking after people’s complexes, homes, and residences for over 20 years. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable security team are ready to assist you with all your residential security needs. Mantis Security is the leading bespoke security services provider in South Africa. We protect numerous residential establishments and pride ourselves on our expert security solutions. We emphasize an integrated approach blending highly trained security personnel, astute security management and superior security technology. We are ready to safeguard your sanctuary.
We can conduct a free risk assessment at your residence, institution, or commercial property. Contact us today on 0114871000, email info@mantissecurity.co.za or visit our newly updated webpage on www.mantissecurity.co.za. We are on social media applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Your safety and peace of mind is our priority!


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