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Advanced Monitoring Technology

Mantis Security leverages AI-powered video analytics and specialized surveillance infrastructure to instantly detect unusual activity and preempt security threats before a crime, accident, or incident escalates.

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Mantis Security offers innovative CCTV and off-site monitoring solutions to cost-effectively harden security for businesses, communities, and events when on-premise presence is impractical.

Our locally-based control rooms are staffed 24/7 by qualified operators and equipped with next-generation surveillance technology for intelligent video analytics.

We expertly install high-definition CCTV networks with long-range capabilities to provide sweeping outdoor views and precision indoor coverage. Real-time customized alerts enable early verification of unfolding incidents and rapid response coordination with security officers or emergency services.

Clients gain peace of mind with our vigilant off-site oversight, proactive system health monitoring, and instant visual verification in case of triggering events.

With smart video surveillance and monitoring, Mantis Security provides ubiquitous security presence across distributed sites to detect incidents before they intensify.

Advanced Monitoring Tecnology Tailored to Client Needs

Local state-of-the-art control rooms enable swift response coordination and system uptime to maximize client safety.

Highly trained specialists vigilantly monitor video feeds and alarms to detect and verify threats at all hours.

Intelligent cameras and sensors provide comprehensive interior and exterior visibility with instant remote access to secured video.

 Multi-layered video coverage blankets sensitive areas and approach vectors to eliminate blind spots across sites.

Real-time visual verification of alarms enables rapid assessment to dispatch appropriate response units.

Users can conveniently access live feeds and system controls anywhere via web and mobile apps.

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Mantis Security provides advanced monitoring solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: