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Mantis Security’s Guarding Division specializes in contract guarding using state-of-the-art technology, committed to ensuring safety in various settings including commercial, industrial, residential, and more.

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Mantis Security offers professional contract guarding services tailored to meet the unique security needs of your business across various industries.

Our rigorous recruitment and training programs ensure we supply responsible, reliable and drug-free security officers to maintain safety and order. Whether you operate a commercial office, factory warehouse, retail store, residential community, school, religious institution or hospitality venue, our highly qualified protection specialists design bespoke security solutions.

We provide the optimal number of unarmed or armed PSIRA registered officers equipped with the latest gear to control access points, patrol perimeters and keep a watchful eye. Trust our competent guarding division for 24/7 security, risk mitigation and peace of mind across your premises.

Guarding Services Tailored to Client Needs

Our selective hiring standards ensure we recruit only the most capable candidates to be trusted with securing client safety.

Extensive training and PSIRA qualification equips our guards with the expertise to address security threats and maintain safety.

Thorough vetting gives clients assurance that our guards have integrity and no criminal history.

Registration validates our guards meet industry standards for protection services permitted by law.

Our guards take pride in their work and have the competence to provide reliable 24/7 security services.

We supply properly licensed and trained armed or unarmed officers equipped to handle risks appropriate for the client site.

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DIverse Industry Experience

Mantis Security provides guarding solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: