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Providing protection is our business

Mantis Security stands out with its comprehensive and specialized guarding solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.
Our prime offering encompasses a blend of highly trained personnel and cutting-edge technology, ensuring robust protection of client premises and personnel.
These services not only guarantee safety and peace of mind but also leverage advanced techniques like real-time detection and specialized K9 units, enhancing the security infrastructure to preemptively address and mitigate potential risks effectively.

Services We Provide

Tailor-made to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Guarding Division

Offers specialized guarding solutions that combine rigorous recruitment and training processes, ensuring reliable and skilled personnel to safeguard client premises.

VIP Protection

Offers discreet and reliable services for high-profile individuals, backed by a team of skilled and experienced security specialists.

Event Security

Delivers bespoke security services for events, ensuring smooth operation encompassing professionalism and reliability.

K9 and Special Ops

Utilizes the superior senses of trained canines and a rapid response team for enhanced security measures in critical situations.

CCTV and Off-Site Monitoring

Utilizes a 24/7 operated control room with advanced surveillance systems, providing vigilant monitoring to protect assets around the clock.

Security Installations

Provides technical installations like alarm systems, electric fences, and enclosed systems, enhancing the overall security infrastructure.

Mantis Advanced Technology

Employs real-time detection of unusual behavior, enabling preemptive responses to suspicious activities before crimes occur.

Special Investigations Unit

Assists in detailed investigations post-crime, focusing on uncovering key details like access points and motives.

Security Audits

Conducts thorough on-site evaluations by highly-trained specialists to identify and mitigate risks.

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DIverse Industry Experience

Mantis Security provides specialized security solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Their expertise spans across:

Bespoke Security Services

With expertise across multiple industries, Mantis Security customizes security solutions to meet specific needs, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety for people, businesses and properties.


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