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Mantis Security provides discreet 24/7 mobile protection units manned by highly trained specialist personnel to secure high-profile dignitaries, executives, and public figures locally and globally.

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Mantis Security offers elite close protection services to safeguard VIPs and high-net-worth individuals at risk of compromises, kidnapping, attacks or other threats.

Our Close Protection Unit comprises hand-picked tactical specialists with extensive experience securing dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, business leaders and government officials across Africa and globally.

We offer overt 24/7 protection with a uniformed PSIRA-accredited armed team or discreet surveillance contingents blending seamlessly into the background.

Mantis pre-plans travel, venue and event security factoring all facets of risk to provide a invisible yet impregnable security bubble around clients enabling them to focus solely on daily activities not personal safety.

VIP Protection Tailored to Client Needs

Close Protection Officers . – Our vetted protection agents are PSIRA Qualified and  Accredited with S.A.S.S.E.T. They meet the highest industry qualifications to legally provide armed executive protection.

Our specialists blend seamlessly into the background providing invisible yet formidable protection.

Handpicked from law enforcement, military and security backgrounds bringing elite operational expertise.

Overt, Fully uniformed VIP Security Services Team or Discreet Surveillance – Clients select between visible deterrent protection or low-profile contingents per their comfort.

Registered with the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority, our teams undergo stringent oversight ensuring responsibly practices safeguarding client interests.

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Mantis Security provides VIP protection services tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: