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Security Audits

Mantis Security leverages decades of risk and security expertise to conduct on-site audits identifying and evaluating vulnerabilities in order to provide clients with customized solutions to mitigate threats and dangers cost-effectively.

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Mantis Security offers professional security audits and risk assessments to evaluate vulnerabilities and strengthen protection across your property.

Our team of highly-trained specialists will conduct an on-site inspection of your commercial office, factory, store, residential community or other facility to identify safety gaps.

We evaluate your existing security measures and risk factors to provide expert recommendations on enhancing access controls, bolstering perimeter defense, integrating surveillance systems, securing vulnerabilities, and safeguarding assets in a cost-effective manner.

With intimate knowledge of all aspects of security and risk mitigation, our consultants advise the most advanced solutions personalized to your risk profile and budget.

A comprehensive Mantis Security audit provides the strategy and peace of mind that threats and dangers will be alleviated so you can prevent incidents before they occur.

Security Audit Services Tailored to Client Needs

Our on-location inspections provide firsthand visibility of vulnerabilities so we can customize the optimal mix of security enhancements aligned to your risks.

Guidance from our veteran security experts equips clients with the latest solutions that efficiently bolster protection of critical assets.

We advise layered security strategies that balance advanced technology with vigilant personnel to maximize safety in a budget-conscious manner.

Security Audits
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DIverse Industry Experience

Mantis Security provides security audit solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: