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Corporate Crime Intelligence

Mantis Security provides corporate intelligence services leveraging covert agents and sophisticated analytics to expose fraud, theft, and dishonesty within client organizations before losses escalate.

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Mantis Security offers expert corporate crime intelligence to combat growing internal and external threats targeting your business. Sensitive enterprises across logistics, retail, manufacturing and finance tap our specialist agents to go undercover embedding themselves among staff across departments, sites and levels to discretely expose theft, fraud, leaks or other compromise.

We diagnose vulnerability points then advise robust mitigation steps around policies, digital systems and surveillance measures. Clients gain 24/7 vigilance through our covert watchdog layer sensing dangers from staff or outside partners early before impact escalates further.

Corporate Crime Intelligence Tailored to Client Needs

We diagnose fraud risks across operations and leaked data exposures to seal gaps with both system and human surveillance safeguards.

Covert agents discreetly join client teams to expose internal compromise from theft to sweethearting before losses multiply.

We leverage the latest analytics and expert investigators to quickly identify factual inconsistencies and deception in fraud schemes.

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Mantis Security provides corporate crime intelligence solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: