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Special Investigations

Mantis Security’s veteran investigations team provides integrated post-incident support leveraging 30+ years of law enforcement and corporate intelligence expertise to reconstruct events, identify lapses, and advise heightened safeguards.

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Mantis Security offers skilled investigative services to uncover answers and prevent repeat incidents in the aftermath of a crime or security breach.

Our experienced team have decades of combined law enforcement, corporate intelligence and specialist security expertise to thoroughly reconstruct events leading up to and during an incident.

We identify points of entry, access control failures, motive, potential inside/outside perpetrators and other oversights that left sites compromised. Clients can integrate our reconstruction framework to identify policy and system gaps and implement corrective measures for tightened security.

With investigative prowess honed over 30+ years, Mantis prevents the same lapses from reoccurring across your sites.

Special Investigations Tailored to Client Needs

We integrate post-incident investigation findings into a security framework to advise patched policies, processes and technology safeguards.

Our veterans lend law enforcement, corporate intelligence and specialist security expertise to successfully unravel the specifics of a crime or breach.

Specialist competencies deliver precise incident reconstructions and authoritative strengthening recommendations to clients.

Special Investigations
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DIverse Industry Experience

Mantis Security provides special investigations solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise spans across: