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Peace of Mind for Your Business: Top Security Tips

Peace of Mind for Your Business: Top Security Tips Written by Mantis Security In today’s landscape of developing technology and the level of crime present, one needs to invest smartly into protecting their business’s people, assets, and physical premises. It is essential that businesses improve

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The value of remote services

Remote services offer real value and cost benefits in terms of economies of scale and better ‘machine learning’, but is it always the right decision for a residential estate?

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Zero Trust in 2024

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and uses in 2024 will profoundly impact security operations and AI-driven analytics, which can enhance threat detection, anomaly identification and predictive maintenance.

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The Human Wall: Building a High-Performing Security Team

In today’s world of constant threats and immense disruption, effective security is a necessity. Security starts with people and a high performing security team is the difference between success and failure. Failures in the security industry can be catastrophic and lead to dire consequences. The

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