Event Safety Management


Are you planning on hosting a large public event? Have you strategized your event safety plan? Ensuring that your event runs smoothly may require a team of planners, chefs, caterers, waitrons, and bartenders. Additionally, it is just as important to thoroughly research your event safety requirements such as personnel, plans and backup in the event of an emergency. Mantis Security is one of the top security companies in South Africa that can work hand in hand with you to create a tailored security plan that will meet your needs. It is naturally more difficult to plan for unknown variables, but safety procedures should be put in place and well-documented either way.  

White Uniform | Mantis Security Mantis Security holds roughly 3 decades of experience in threat management and mitigation, and we pride ourselves on our multi-layered safety approach. There is no need for you to worry about the finer details of securing your event – simply get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and allow us to tailor a solution for keeping your public event safe and secure.  


What Does An Event Safety Management Plan Include? 

Planning is the foundation for the success of any event. To save time and money, a professional private security company such as Mantis Security should be contracted at the earliest stages. This will allow for our security professionals to offer advice  before substantial costs are incurred and will allow for losses to be avoided. Crowd Management and Safety can be adversely affected through the occupant capacity and number of fire exits required for the capacity in a marquee structure can be identified at an early stage providing the event organizer with accurate budgeting forecasts. 

  • Risk Assessments 

The complexity of the event will determine the length and thoroughness of your health and safety risk assessment. For a simple event, a standard risk assessment is sufficient, addressing specific issues that may arise at the event that would endanger any staff, attendees, and any members of the public/anyone who could be impacted. 

For more complex events, you may need an event safety management plan when conceptualizing the event. You could also hire a private security company to make sure that all your ideas and safety needs are being taken into account. 

  • Take all measure to reduce possible risks and threats 

Managing and mitigating risk at your event involves identifying what could go wrong within reason, and putting measures in place to make sure those risks are lessened or eliminated. This may include bag searches, armed guards, patrols and even law enforcement as a backup if the event is on that scale. 

  • Implement an emergency plan that covers all aspects and possible threats 

Every event safety plan needs an emergency plan in case of the need to evacuate due to a fire or any other circumstances. Among the list of security companies in South Africa, Mantis Security would ensure that your staff would be prepared on what to do in case of emergency, how you would let people know about the emergency (i.e. radio, mobile phones, coded messages), and who will make statements about the incident to the authorities and emergency services. You’ll also need a contingency plan as part of your safety plan. The contingency plan should be discussed with the private security guard company that you’re working with, as well as emergency services. Both the security company and law enforcement should have a copy of your finalized plan. 

  • A crowd management plan needs to be drawn up and implemented beforehand 

Mantis Security - Construction ToolsWhen there are large crowds of people, safety is immediately compromised. Therefore, your event safety plan needs to include a way to control crowds. For example, if there are tickets sold at the door, how will you manage large influxes of people in certain areas? Make sure you have a plan for ensuring that guests go where they should, and that there are no back doors or gates that allow people to go outside the event area where they could potentially be injured. 


Below we will also discuss ways that you as an event-goer can ensure your safety at public events. 

How to Keep Yourself Safe at Public Events 

  • Be Aware 

We have a tendency to blur out environmental details, and often don’t notice subtle but important changes. Make a conscious effort to stay aware no matter where you go. If you see someone trying to avoid cameras, carrying a strange bag or just seemingly acting suspicious, trust your instincts. Notify authorities or staff of a security company if you feel unsafe. Your own intuition is a powerful way to keep yourself safe. 

  • Know How to Leave – Quickly 

The first thing to do when you arrive at a public event is to figure out exactly how you leave in an emergency. Try to identify at least two or more exit points. Panic in a crowd can lead to altercations, and although it doesn’t necessarily lead to violent events, it is still suggested that you know how to exit quickly in an emergency situation. Be ready to leave through whatever means possible should something arise. 

  • Locate Security Constantly 

Along with knowing where the emergency exits are located, you should also be able to put eyes on a security officer at any time during the event. You don’t have to follow security around in order to be safe, but you should stay in close proximity if you can. 

Knowing where security officers are located in the event also increases the likelihood that you can seek their assistance or notify them if anyone is acting suspiciously or causing problems. 

  • Have a Plan 

Discuss with your family and friends what to do in case you get separated. Make sure you have a designated meet-up location inside and just outside of the event. Have charged cell phones on hand and be sure to program each other’s numbers in on speed dial options. 


Summing Up  

When promoters plan public events, safety should be their top priority. Hiring Mantis Security, one of the top security companies in South Africa to provide a safe location, and creating rules for the event are a just a few of the important ways they should strive to keep you safe. 


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Mantis Security - Fire Safety

7 Basic Fire Safety Tips for Home and Work

Mantis Security - Fire SafetyIn this article we are going to provide 7 basic fire safety tips for your home and workplace. No Matter if you are at work, home, or school, it is important to always practice fire safety. 99% of fires are caused by human error and the lack of fire safety information, therefore, prevention is essential. These tips will help you avoid fires, and remember, it is important to have fire insurance

1. Install fire alarms

Make sure you have a fire alarm installed in your home, school, or workplace and train everyone on how to use it. Correct fire safety training will increase the chances of survival if everyone knows how to react when the fire alarm sounds.

2. Be aware of all exit locations

Know the exit locations of your building, apartment, or home. If you have a disability, it’s important to have an escape plan and to thoroughly understand basic fire safety. If you have difficulty getting out of a burning building, you should know which exits you can access from each room. Install a medical alert system if possible that can alert firefighters if you need assistance. Remember, you have less than three minutes to escape a fire. So, make sure you know where to go before the fire starts.

3. Have a fire safety plan in the workplace

Everyone in the company should understand basic fire safety and should have gone through some sort of fire safety training. Contact a professional security company like Mantis Security who can provide such training. You should assign a person to oversee fire safety. This person should have thorough knowledge of fire safety regulations, be calm under pressure, and be able to communicate effectively. Once you’ve developed a fire safety plan, you should practice it quarterly and with every new employee.

4. Install smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are easily the most important part of fire safety. If you have them in your home, your risk of dying in a fire is decreased by 50 percent. If you do not have a smoke alarm in your home, contact one of the many fire protection companies in south Africa such as Mantis Security. It is important to know that smoke alarms should be installed on every level, in every bedroom, and outside sleeping areas. The more bedrooms you have, the more smoke alarms you need. Similarly, if your workplace is larger, you should have multiple alarms in the same area. A smoke alarm can save your life by being an early warning signal that a fire is breaking out. It increases reaction time and allows for a quicker evacuation of the area or building affected. Ensure that your alarm is checked regularly for a low battery.

5. Make the kitchen a kid-free zone

Always enforce a “kid-free zone” in your kitchen. A fire in a home is often caused by unattended cooking activity or unattended children who do not practice basic fire safety for kids. Keeping the kitchen clear of combustibles is the best way to prevent a fire from spreading. Educating your children on the dangers of the kitchen can help prevent fires all together!

6. Keep an emergency kit at hand

Always keep an emergency kit at hand, especially when you’re cooking. It is also crucial to have a fire extinguisher near every possible hazard, including the attic if you have one. You should make sure it’s fully charged and operating when it’s needed and that everyone in your home is educated on how to use one.

7. Dispose of cigarette buds correctly

Smoking is a major cause of workplace fires. In addition to being unsafe, smoking is alsoMantis Security - No smoking area harmful to elderly people, children, and people with underlying health conditions. Smoking can be dangerous, especially in a home with oxygen tanks or a workplace with highly flammable items. If you are smoking at work, ensure that you are smoking in a designated smoking area and disposing of your cigarette buds correctly. It’s also important to use a heavy ash tray and smother the flames with a lid.

This article only covers some of the many basic fire safety tips you should know. There are many recourses online and at your local library to further educate yourself and those around you. Mantis security understands the fire regulations South Africa and provide fire safety training to our employees and customers. 


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Compliance In The Security Industry

Written by Eyal Ben-Shir

“The cost of non-compliance is great. If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.” former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

With the current economic climate and the need for all types of security growing rapidly, clients are asking the fundamental question, do we need the services of a compliant security company? This blog post will look to clarify what compliance is in this growing industry and the advantages of teaming up with a compliant security company. We will investigate the ramifications of noncompliance and how it can develop with harmful effect. This is vital to investigate as the threat of crime looms large and it is up to each stakeholder to understand the preventative measures one should take to mitigate this.

The Goal of the Security Industry

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.” – Anon

Everyone in the security has a duty and responsibility to provide safety and peace of mind to their customers and the communities they serve. No matter what the position or title conferred on any security professional, security companies should adhere to the overarching mission of protecting people’s lives, properties, and information. To battle the complex nature of crime, we need to possess clarity of the overall mission to guide us better. Breaking this complexity down to this fundamental principle allows us to understand the finer nuances and prepare for the tasks needed to achieve the overarching mission of safety and security for all. Better decisions lead to better actions which develop into better results in the long term.

Proactivity and Compliance

“You have to think a little smarter, be proactive, not reactive.” – Frank Abagnale

Proactivity in the security industry involves understanding and committing to compliance. Compliance is generally defined as the obeying of a particular law or rule, or of acting according to an agreement. Compliance in the security industry is paramount to improving employee satisfaction levels and improved security awareness levels. If we do not follow the compliance standards or measurements, then we cannot hold ourselves up to rate our security efforts honestly and realistically. According to the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (Act 56 of 2001), the purpose of the regulation is to regulate private security in South Africa. Furthermore, the basic objective is to create a trustworthy, legitimate, and competent private security industry for all.

Non-compliance to this code of conduct may result in the imposition of fines, suspension, or withdrawal. This act and code of conduct indicate the minimum wages payable, Sunday premium, sick leave, annual leave, study leave, family responsibility leave, provident fund, annual bonus, and night shift allowance. These regulations stipulate other statutory payments such as UIF, COID, Training, Uniform, and cleaning allowances. If we do not follow these crucial requirements, we are circumventing the minimum standards which may have a deleterious impact on the emotional, psychological, and financial aspects of security employees and companies.

Examples of this can lead to minimal or poor training, inadequate salaries, unfair compensation, no time off to recuperate, financial penalties, or jail time. Security officers who have no off time or work for fly-by-night companies may be disgruntled with their employers and their standard of performance may rapidly disintegrate in criminal activity or collusion on the sites at which they work. Impaired performance may reduce levels of vigilance, observation, and awareness. This is not what clients deserve or need at their sites. Instead of inviting more problems in, we need to mitigate and eliminate these risks before they can occur in the first place.

Pricing to Ensure Compliance
“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Safety and peace of mind require the strictest of standards and if we want to engage with a compliant security company, then the service pricing may be higher. However, we cannot compromise on security standards and by trying to pay less for this, clients can fall into the trap of lacklustre service delivery and innumerable potential issues. Compliance and regulations do change fairly frequently but it is up to the security providers to keep abreast of all these developments. Ethics falls into the domain of professional standards and the security industry needs to constantly treat all members of staff with dignity, integrity, and respect.

Pricing is a persistent concern due to the current economic climate in South Africa and worldwide due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We live in uncertain times nevertheless security is essential to improving the quality of life for all. If we take shortcuts with ensuring our safety, then we can encounter disastrous outcomes and further financial losses. A worthwhile investment in security accumulates to better loss prevention, avoiding and detecting criminal activity before it reaches our doorsteps, and having happier staff overall.

To render a quality security service, adhering to strict compliance regulations will improve the security efforts required for a safer society in totality. Compliance is vital to the security industry, and we need to heed this urgent call for compliance. Mantis Security is fully compliant with the PSIRA Act, is a member of the Security Association of South Africa (SASA) and adheres to all fair business practices. If you are interested in upgrading your security solutions or having one of our knowledgeable staff discuss an integrated solution of guarding and technology for you, look no further than the leading contract guarding specialists in South Africa, Mantis Security. We can conduct a free risk assessment on your property, business, or establishment. Our related services also include employee vetting and screening.

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The Value Of Remote Services

The value of remote services

Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living Residential Estate (Industry)

Remote or offsite monitoring services have been available to estates for several years with some estate managers being in favour of offsite monitoring and others opposed to it in favour of keeping everything onsite and under their control. And then there are those who prefer a hybrid approach using onsite and offsite services to strengthen their security posture.

With the world moving to cloud services at a manic pace, it’s only reasonable to ask whether more (or most) estates will join the move to remote services. (Of course, many estates already make use of remote services to one degree or another.)

However, the question is not really about remote or onsite. Craig Peel, GM of Mantis Security, says, “I don’t think it is a matter of convincing them of the viability of remote monitoring services, but fully understanding the actual needs of the estate, the role played by a control room in the overall operation of the estate, beyond just security functions. From this information we determine how each of these could be done from a remote location without impacting on the value-added components of the control room.

“If the answer is that the value-added components cannot be effectively managed remotely, then it may be best to leave the control room onsite. However, even if the control room should remain onsite, consideration should be given to looking to a remote facility being a failover to the onsite facility and how best this can be implemented.”

While offsite alarm control rooms are decades old, the same does not apply to other systems and technologies. However, with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) growing at a dramatic pace, the number of ‘things’ that can be monitored via technology is almost endless. This applies to security technology, from camera, perimeter and even fire alarms, but also to monitoring non-security technology, such as generators, water pumps, networks, servers, diesel levels, water levels, etc.

Peel adds that any form of operational equipment or system that operates according to set programs and parameters can be monitored today and events or changes in status of the monitored system can be reported to the control room. Whether onsite or offsite, automated notifications can be sent via cellphone, emails, apps etc. Some local management platforms can even make a voice call to the appropriate people in case of a serious event.



The viability of remote VMS and AI

Given the economies of scale of remote operations, the costs of having a remote VMS or remote AI-based video analytics is far less than having the same installed onsite. That is why alarm monitoring services can offer low rates, the same technology and people serve multiple customers; hence, the same applies to surveillance, access control and so forth.

There is a catch that we all know about, however and that is the reliability of the connection to the remote site. What happens when the Internet goes down? What happens when Eskom strikes, as seems to be happening more regularly these days? With only remote control rooms or event management systems, an estate could be literally and figuratively left in the dark. Although, Peel argues that network or Eskom failures can be just as devastating to local operations if there is no fallback plan.

A reality check for South Africa

“The effective planning of the CCTV system and associated alerts in terms of operation, when either the local fibre connection or the electricity supply goes down, is equally important, otherwise the system is not functional until re-instated. Unless the system can continue to operate during a power failure, the estate’s risk profile changes and may require additional physical security personnel until it is restored.”

When it comes to power backup, Peel advises the use of UPSs/inverters coupled to a generator to ensure continued power during a mains failure. When it comes to network connectivity, a wireless connection to a location on a different grid to the local network would improve the likelihood of maintaining connectivity and operation of remote services.

A remote, or shared service (like AI-enhanced video analytics) can offer many benefits compared to the same system setup onsite. Peel explains that the AI learns from each interaction and when this learning is based on multiple client environments, the improvements in the system are faster and more noticeable, resulting in better performance and efficacy.

To get the best of both worlds, a hybrid solution may include onsite analytics (in cameras or on the estate’s VMS, for example), where suspicious activity is sent to the cloud service for more intense scrutiny and evaluation. This significantly reduces the instances of false alarms, according to Peel and therefore delivers a more focused and reliable service.

As part of the planning process, he adds that estates could look at failover/overlapping system such as Videofied to provide cover when the electricity or fibre connections are down, as these devices are not reliant on Eskom or a network connection (apart from the GSM networks).

Decisions: remote or not

Estate managers and their security managers cannot simply make the decision as to onsite or offsite services over a coffee break. There are many issues to consider, the main one being the safety of residents and legitimate visitors on the premises. The decision, says Peel, is very much led by the assessment mentioned above.

“One of the considerations may be whether they have the space to house an effective control room, onsite, but will largely depend on the added value the operation onsite provides to other functionality and duties, such as enrolment of tenants, etc. Where the only role of the control room is responding to events on a black screen and to notify somebody on site, it is more cost-effective to do this remotely where the operator can monitor numerous clients, thereby reducing the costs.

“One the other hand, if the range of duties required of the operator is to be fully operational and focused on a single client due to the range of value-added functions being performed, then this could be done onsite more effectively in most cases.”

When it comes to the remote services Mantis offers to the residential estate market, Peel lists the following as a starting point:

• Artificial intelligence via an edge device attached to existing CCTV system or via cloud-based AI, depending on the specific needs of the client, the systems in use and number of cameras to be managed (making use of the Deep Alert system or the INNOVI system).

• Alarm/device monitoring making use of Permacon monitoring and transmission devices.

• Videofied alarm system with built-in video verification and no reliance on mains power.

• Network and IP address monitoring system.


Why Security Is Important For Construction Sites

Theft and vandalism on construction sites are on the rise. Construction sites that do not have security guards present are easy targets due to accessibility. Construction sites have materials that are highly sought after such as equipment, metals, and tools.

When it comes to protecting your business, equipment, and employees while on the job, it’s important to take construction safety and security seriously. Each job site will present unique situations and risks, but there are some basic practices you can implement to help prevent major losses or crimes.  It is helpful to consider implementing a construction safety checklist to keep track on how effectively your construction safety management plan is being implemented, and make changes as needed.

Here are some ideas to help guide you in building a construction safety management plan that works for your business:

Basic Good Practices

  • Develop a specific job site security plan.
  • Establish a well written Security Policy for the site.
  • Assign supervisory security responsibilities.
  • Encourage security awareness among all workers.
  • Contact the local police and fire departments before starting a job to establish cooperative efforts for site security.
  • Establish contact with management of adjoining properties – encourage them to report suspicious activities on the site.
  • Require prompt reporting by workers of incidents of theft and vandalism.
  • Report all losses to the police immediately.
  • Maintain complete records of all security incidents.
  • Become involved with local groups or associations working to prevent construction-site theft and vandalism.


Mantis Security - Construction sign Safety While on the Site

  • When possible, enclose the job site with a security fence.
  • Provide nighttime lighting on site.
  • Always provide limited access to the site, preferably with lockable gates.
  • Maintain a clear zone adjacent to fencing.
  • Post warning signs to help keep unauthorized persons off the site.
  • Use only high-quality locks – never leave keys in locks or leave locks in an open position.
  • Inspect the site at the end of each day before securing it, to assure nothing has been compromised.
  • Provide parking areas outside of the site for employees and visitors.
  • Evaluate construction site security companies like Mantis Security and consider the use of security guards. They can patrol the site on designated rounds. Ensure the construction site security guard has a means of communication.
  • Consider limiting vehicle access to the site to one designated entrance through which all vehicle traffic flows.
  • Consider installing construction site security cameras to capture vehicle traffic entering and exiting the site. This can be achieved through construction site security camera rentals.
  • Consider integrating various construction site security systems to ensure a comprehensive construction site security plan.


Safeguarding your Equipment, Tools and Materials

  • Consider utilizing a secured area within the site for equipment storage (e.g., storage trailers or sheds in secured areas).
  • Maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials. Include photographs of equipment and expensive tools. Establish a program for verifying all deliveries.
  • Mark all tools and equipment in a conspicuous, distinctive manner to allow for easy identification.
  • Implement a check-out system for all tools and equipment. Post a sign stating, “ATTENTION! ALL TOOLS MUST BE SIGNED OUT.”
  • Keep tools securely locked in storage trailers or sheds in secured areas.
  • Stamp all heavy equipment and attachments with an ID number. Provide warning signs on equipment indicating that ID numbers are recorded.
  • Establish a supervisory key control program for motorized equipment.
  • Lock all equipment cabs during non-working hours.
  • Immobilize equipment by disabling it or using anti-theft/anti-vandalism devices.
  • Lock oil and gas tank caps, where possible, as a means of deterring vandalism.
  • Park equipment centrally in a well-lit, secure area.
  • Provide a secure storage area for target building materials.
  • Keep the on-site inventory of materials to a minimum.
  • Store equipment, materials, and tools away from perimeter fencing.
  • Remove equipment and materials from the site when no longer needed – do not use the site for storage.
  • Carefully supervise all trash removal from the site.

By being proactive with your construction site security plan and employing a professional construction site security company like Mantis Security, you will not lose money through having to replace stolen materials and equipment.  Your customers will remain satisfied as there won’t be project delays due to downtime.

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The Importance Of Safety On University Campuses In South Africa

School Safety PolicyThousands of students from South Africa and around the globe choose to go to university or college to further their education. It is important for students to feel safe while attending classes or returning to their dorms, and for their chosen institution to provide them peace of mind. There are many ways for students to practice basic safety measures and for faculty members to create a safe learning environment.

Campuses should provide security guards that understand the health and safety policies set in place and that are highly trained to react to any situations. Mantis Security ensures that their security guards understand the importance of safety in schools and educational institutions and are the best security company in Pretoria to assist with all guarding needs. Providing security guards allows for students to feel at ease but also decreases the chances of potential criminals targeting your campus.safety and security in schools

Security cameras and 24hr video monitoring should be a priority on every campus. The presence of security cameras on campus is not only reassuring for students, but also decreases the chances of potential crime. 24hr video monitoring allows for quick response time and can save a life in a situation where seconds matter. Contact Mantis Security to provide a free professional risk assessment to identify your security camera needs.

Walking to and from your residence or vehicle can be dangerous, especially after sunset. It is highly recommended to create a school safety policy that includes a system where a trained professional walks with students to and from their vehicle or their residence on campus. The University of Pretoria demonstrates their understanding for student safety by providing a “Green Route” from 6AM – 6PM daily that provides a security escort to walk students to and from specific areas. You can find out more about The University of Pretoria’s safety measures here.

When an incident occurs, the way in which the university responds can have a huge impact on the outcome. Clear evacuation training is important so that students and faculty members can get to safety as quickly as possible. Along with evacuation training, active shooter protocols are highly encouraged to reduce the risk of a tragic incident. The most efficient way for any campus to ensure the safety of every individual is to have an evidence-based school safety policy and to implement every procedure. An efficient school safety policy should also be able to provide support and guidance for students who are suffering from a serious incident.

As much as there are physical dangers, school administrators should be aware of the dangers of identity theft and cyberbullying. The world has advanced towards virtual data and educating students and faculty members on the dangers of the internet is vital. Universities are also responsible for student data, which can be used for identity theft and financial fraud. Two-factor authentication, firewalls, and other security measures can help secure the data of students and the university. The goal of these measures is to make the learning environment safe for all. As the online world is ever changing, it is important to stay up to date with safety measures to protect your information.

Creating a plan for school safety can be a huge undertaking, but it is essential for the well-being of all students. The responsibility should be shared by school boards, community residents, and faculty members. It should involve student representatives who should be free to voice their opinions on how to manage safety on campus and in classrooms.

safety policy in schools

Although the campus should have security measures in place, it is important that Students practice basic safety. Students should have good judgment and conduct themselves appropriately. They should also avoid doing things that are dangerous to others. There are many resources online to for students to educate themselves on basic safety tips.
It is obvious that Increasing security on campus is essential. There are a variety of general measures to ensure student safety and the first step is always prevention. Remember that prevention is better than cure and if we all work together, safety can be our number one focus.

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Integrated Security Management Systems

Integrated Security Management Systems

Security is becoming more and more critical as our society becomes increasingly reliant on technological infrastructure, as opposed to exclusively relying on manpower.  We rely on electronic data transmission for transactions, reservations, and other security processes that affect almost every part of our lives. 

Maintaining security at its highest level can be pretty tricky. Often many components must be controlled by a single system that enables or disables access and communicates to other systems. An example of such a system would be an organization’s security department. Often multiple people are responsible for controlling certain aspects of the organization’s security, leading to inconsistencies in how the job gets done.

This is where Integrated Security Management Systems come into play. 

What is Integrated Security?

Integrated security is a strategy encompassing all of the various technologies used to protect your property. By integrating your systems, you can maintain greater control of data and equipment. 

Integrated Security Management Systems facilitate data transmission among all the different devices used to protect an organization’s infrastructure. 

It often relies on input from other systems, such as security cameras or other automatic equipment that responds to changes in data. These inputs trigger alerts and notifications, which are recorded in logs for various teams within the organization. 

The logs can include information about the event itself and any unusual behavior that might be relevant.

How do Integrated Security Systems work?

Integrated Security Management Solutions provide a way to incorporate different types of equipment such as:

  • Access Control
  • Security Cameras
  • Intrusion Detection Equipment
  • Fire Alarms
  • Manpower

These tools work together to maintain maximum security for an organization’s critical infrastructure.

Integrated Security Systems allows an organization to automate many previously manual tasks, including:

  • Alerts and Notifications 
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Logging & Alarm Management
  • Historical Reporting & Analytics

Integrated Security Systems are used around the world. These systems are the face of security for many organizations protecting essential assets such as:

  • Airports
  • Schools and other Educational Institutions
  • Public Utilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Critical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses

Integrated Security Management Systems increase an organization’s ability to maintain control and security and enable employees and customers to work safely. 

Security companies like Mantis Security offer Integrated Security Solutions to their clients to ensure they have all their bases covered. 

Located in Johannesburg, Mantis Security has provided innovative solutions to both local and international organizations for a long time. 

Mantis Security Integrated Security Services in Johannesburg

The following is Mantis Security’s list of Integrated Security Services:

  1. Integrated security alarms

Mantis Security offers a range of security alarms that are professional and can be used in many different types of commercial environments. 

Whether you are a small or large organization, Mantis Security has the right solution for you. 

  1. Access control

Mantis Security provides a range of products that can help manage physical access to any building or facility that you have. An example of this would be the remote opening and closing of security shutters at warehouses and businesses when they are closed. However, Mantis Security goes beyond just remote shutter operation; they also offer solutions to manage door access and swipe card systems.

  1. CCTV installation & monitoring

Mantis Security provides a wide range of CCTV surveillance equipment ideal for various security applications in commercial and residential sectors. The products can provide you with real-time video footage, including live streaming. This footage is viewed remotely, and you will also be able to watch playback of recorded footage with time and date stamps.

  1. Intercom systems

Another security solution that Mantis Security provides is an Intercom System. This two-way communication system allows for communication between people in different locations without phone lines or mobile networks.

  1. Monitoring services

An integrated security management system is never complete without having a security monitoring service. Mantis Security’s security monitoring services are ideal for clients who want to monitor their alarms and CCTV systems installed with their integrated security management system. 

  1. Manpower

A critical part of an effective Integrated Security Solution, includes manpower.  Well training security guards, who understand the various technologies and can respond appropriately to alarms and notifications is essential.  Mantis Security provides security guards that are best suited for the company and technologies deployed.

Benefits of Integrated Security Management Systems

The following are just some of the benefits that an Integrated Security Management System offers:

  1. Centralization

One of the main benefits of an integrated security management system is that it centralizes all systems on a network. This means you have a single point for viewing or accessing your equipment and systems.

Different devices can communicate by using the network, which means you have to have only one device to monitor your security equipment.

  1. Reduced workload

Integrated Security Management solutions are designed to reduce administrative workloads and the time required for managing security systems. Clients who switch over to an integrated approach will notice a dramatic reduction in administration time.

  1. Real-time monitoring

Another key benefit of an Integrated Security Management System is its 24-hour monitoring. This means you will always have immediate access to your security equipment with live streaming video surveillance. You can also choose to have video recording triggered by motion sensors if needed. 

  1. Theft prevention

Theft is a common problem that most commercial establishments have to deal with. With an Integrated Security Management System, you can benefit from having a complete 360-degree view of any suspicious activity via video recording. 

  1. Saves money

The initial cost of purchasing an Integrated Security Management System is quite costly. However, by the end of the first year, your system pays for itself because you will save money on administrative work hours and catch thieves.

  1. Efficiency

An Integrated Security Management System can provide you with efficient and streamlined systems to ensure your business runs smoothly. With 24-hour monitoring, you can rest assured that your security system is always on guard. 


Integrated Security Management Systems are beneficial for anyone looking for security systems and devices designed to provide you with a central point of control and monitoring among different equipment and systems. It works by consolidating all the devices on one network, which means you can view or access your equipment from one location.

Apart from this, it also reduces administrative work hours and ensures constant monitoring through centralization. It also provides theft prevention and cost-efficiency to any business with its video recording capabilities.

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Warehouse Security Procedures | The Need for Warehouse Security Systems in Johannesburg

Warehouse Security Procedures | The Need for Warehouse Security Systems in Johannesburg

Warehouses are very important structures in any industry. They act as storage facilities for finished products and raw materials. Many companies separate their warehouses into several sections, depending on the type of products contained within the warehouse. Security plays a big role in these buildings, especially because safety is often considered more important than anything else by many companies.

Warehouse owners and managers must assure customers and business partners that their products are safe inside the warehouses. Companies that store food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals need special security equipment to keep their facilities secure. Warehouse security is a very important part of overall security.

Why is Warehouse Security Systems Important in Johannesburg?

The following are the reasons why security systems for warehouses are important in Johannesburg:

Most criminals look for opportunities to steal products or commodities from warehouses.  

Cash boxes placed on warehouse premises can become very easy targets for criminals. Criminals can also steal products such as gold, diamonds, and laptops from warehouses if security procedures and equipment are not in place.

Warehouses which store dangerous materials such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals need special protection. Dangerous products stored on-premises pose a hazard to the general public, which is why it is important for companies owning warehouses to take extra care regarding their storage.

Warehouse Security System Options in Johannesburg

There are several equipment options available for warehouse security, which include:

  1. Warehouse Security Risk Assessment

This is the process of identifying the likelihood of security risks in warehouses and acting accordingly to reduce these risks. Risk assessment can be used to identify weak areas targeted by criminals, situations where security equipment may not be working properly, or areas where criminals may attempt to gain entry.

Companies like Mantis Security carry out warehouse security risk assessments allowing companies to implement security systems to ensure that criminals cannot easily gain access and steal products or money. Mantis Security understands the importance of warehouse security and will help companies find state-of-the-art solutions to keep thieves out of warehouses.

  1. Warehouse Security Guard

It is important to have security guards in warehouses, especially if the stored products are expensive. Companies may opt to hire full-time security guards or use self-operating security systems that can monitor premises independently. Mantis Security provides several options for hiring warehousing security guards in Johannesburg. These include permanent employees, temporary workers, and short-term contracts.

  1. Warehouse Security System

Every warehouse needs to have security systems, which can be automated or operated by humans. Mantis Security offers several options for warehouse security systems in Johannesburg. Visual monitoring systems include cameras and other equipment such as infrared sensors and laser beam devices, which need human operators to monitor them. Mantis Security also offers self-operating surveillance systems such as electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems. Mantis Security’s warehouse security system options in Johannesburg are modern and designed to provide efficient perimeter protection.

  1. Warehouse Security Camera System

Another important warehouse security system is a CCTV system. Warehouse cameras should cover the entire warehouse premises and ensure that every nook and cranny of a warehouse can be monitored at any given time. Mantis Security’s CCTV services for warehouses in Johannesburg are designed to provide 24/7 surveillance, which can help companies identify thieves or vandals before valuable products are stolen or vandalized.

  1. Warehouse Security System Monitoring

A specialized company should monitor warehouse security systems, which can monitor the equipment and identify suspicious activities in warehouses. It is important to choose a security monitoring company like Mantis Security who has experience with different warehouse security systems and will help companies find security solutions that will work best for them.

Warehouse Security Measures

The above Warehouse security measures are important for establishing a secure warehouse environment. Here are additional security measures warehouse owners can implement:

  1. Civil Liability Insurance

Warehouse owners should ensure that their warehouses are covered by civil liability insurance. Civil liability insurance will help pay for the cost of repairs to property that has been damaged during a break-in attempt. The amount of damage payable by the insurance company will depend on the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

  1. Employee Awareness Training

Warehouse owners should provide their employees with employee awareness training. This will ensure all employees in a warehouse know what to do when they spot a break-in or any suspicious activity in the area. Employee awareness training will also teach employees how to use the security systems and ensure that buildings are constructed with security features such as intruder detection windows.

  1. Access control

The entry and exit points to warehouses should be restricted to prevent criminals from entering facilities. Warehouse owners should consider using turnstiles and other measures to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter their premises.

  1. Inventory Tracking

Finally, warehouse owners need to monitor their inventory levels closely. This way, they will determine if there has been any product loss or theft in their warehouses. Inventory records should be updated regularly and monitored for suspicious activity.


The need for warehouse security systems in Johannesburg is always a great idea, as groups are becoming more aware of the goods carried in a warehouse, and may seek out the warehouse industry to steal products. Warehouse owners should consider implementing security measures such as CCTV systems, electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems, infrared sensors, and other options to help protect their facilities from crime.

Companies like Mantis Security can help warehouse owners choose the right security system to meet their needs and ensure the safety of products stored in warehouses.


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Two Guards Standing | Mantis Security

What Kind of Security Guards are For Hire in Johannesburg & Pretoria?

In this article, we will be discussing the various types of security guarding services available for hire in Johannesburg & Pretoria. We will also be discussing the many benefits to hiring private security companies, and what to consider before making a final decision. 

Security guards are more than just people who guard your property. Security guard companies offer guards that perform different tasks depending on your businesses requirements. Having security is necessary to protect your employees, assets, and most importantly, it sets up an atmosphere that reduces security breaches on your property. 

Because South Africa is so diverse, different situations call for different types of security services. Mantis Security is a well-respected private security company that has provided exemplary service to residential and commercial customers since 1987. We offer expertise about the various types of security services available in Johannesburg & Pretoria. We also provide trained security guards.  

What is the purpose of a security guard? 

The services a security guard could provide is unique to each customer and industry.  Below is a list of some of the roles a security guard could perform: 

  • Maintaining order  

Maintaining order is about ensuring your businesses rules and regulations are implemented and followed.  Security guards maintain order by understanding your specific regulations and operations, how you would like them implemented, and then ensuring they are followed appropriately.  Examples of such regulations could be your access control policies for commercial buildings, stock control policies for effective warehouse security, or even video monitoring policies for retail stores.   

  • Preventing crime  

Security guards are a noticeable presence at your business, so they often reduce the possibility of theft and other criminal activity. Criminals are more likely to focus on properties that do not have a physical guard presence or other security measures on site.  

  • Protecting people  

Security guards protect employees, customers, and assets from harm on location by ensuring that the area is clear of any hazards. Our security guards at Mantis Security are trained to be proactive by looking out for anyone who may need help and providing assistance when necessary. They are also trained to react to emergencies and have an understanding of fire and medical procedures. 

  • Protecting Property 

One of the most common reasons why businesses hire private security companies is to protect their property. Depending on the business and the size of the property, security guards may be expected to patrol the property regularly or be stationed in a fixed location to ensure that there is no unauthorized entry or other suspicious behavior.  Proactive patrols provide security but also provide the opportunity to identify issues such as lights that aren’t working, broken windows, holes in perimeter fencing or walls or even unlocked or propped doors.  Well trained security guards can even detect things like water leaks and take action before any major damage is done. 

  • Maintaining safety during events. 

Security guards work events to ensure that safety is a priority. Well trained security guards should check for credentials and make it a point to be familiar with everyone allowed on-site during an event.  Additionally, they create a visible presence so if a patron is in need of help, they know who to approach to get immediate assistance, creating peace of mind. 

  • Identify suspicious behavior 

At Mantis Security, we have trained our security guards to recognize potential threats or security issues. If they see people behaving in a way that is out of character for your business, they ask questions or take action depending on the situation. If things get out of hand, they can work with law enforcement and reduce the severity of any situation. 

  • Contacting and communicating with the authorities 

It is part of a security guard’s job to report any illegal activities that they witness. Depending on the situation, they can either contact the police themselves or if their security company has an operational control room, they can ask the control room to contact the police on their behalf. 

Security Guard Services 

Below is a list of security guard Service offered by Mantis Security: 

Mantis Security recruits experienced security officers who are professional, friendly, and dedicated to customer service. We hire our security guards based on PSIRA grades, education, skills, and background.  Those elements are then closely matched to the customers’ needs and requirements.  Close collaboration between Mantis Security and other key stakeholders at corporate level ensures that our contracts are in line with your company’s values and objectives 

Security audits aim to improve security measures of a specific location while security assessments determine the level of risk so that changes can be made accordingly. Audits and inspections are done by Mantis Security’s security experts, who have decades of experience in this field.  In addition, they have a thorough understanding of the Workplace Health and Safety Act (Act no. 85 of 1993) and its implications on businesses.  Our experts know what is required and can assist with making sure that your premises and/or equipment is safe and secure against potential criminal activity. This ensures increased safety and protection of both people and property in general. 

Corporate crime intelligence is a service that provides vital information about internal and external threats in a particular area. Crime intelligence helps business owners make informed decisions about their safety procedures and prevent future criminal activity from occurring. 

From celebrity events to special occasions, our security professionals are dedicated to ensuring high level safety and protection at all times. We work with our clients beforehand to establish expectations and ensure that their expectations are executed correctly.  Mantis Security offers full-time or ad hoc 24 hour close protection officers who conduct regular visits or permanent stand-by services. We can also escort clients on business trips, protect them in their homes or even at high attendance events. Our team is trained in professional etiquette and is exposed to a variety of cultures. We are no stranger to ensuring the safety of everyone in our vicinity.    

We have K9 units and special ops trained to handle any security situation. Our K9 unit and Special Ops can secure large-scale events, venues, retail shops, and commercial buildings.    

The Event Security Services offered by Mantis Security include event marshaling and crowd control. We provide trained security guards who can monitor crowds, issue credentials, and ensure that your event runs smoothly. This includes security officers for events such as weddings, funerals and festivals in either a low profile presence or a high-visibility stand-by service at all times . Our trained staff members will keep any situation under control while ensuring the safety of everyone involved throughout the event . We supply a large contingency of highly trained security guards who are prepared for any situation that may arise. 

We provide a variety of security installations that protect your premises from common threats as well as advanced alarm monitoring services for clients in private and commercial sectors. We offer security installations and alarm monitoring at competitive prices while ensuring your safety and security remain paramount at all times . Clients benefit from early detection of intruders or automatic fire alarm activation by installing silent alarms at their premises, which alerts Mantis Security’s control room immediately . The guards receiving this call know exactly who it is, where the incident took place and the nature of the incident. This vastly reduces response times while providing peace of mind to the client . 

This security service is perfect for warehouses that need 24/7 protection. Mantis Security ensures the safety of the warehouse along with the safety of stock and inventory.  Our guards are trained to make rounds at specified times and perform other duties as required or requested by clients. We ensure that your premises is safe and secure at all times by performing regular checks on staff, visitors, stock control, etc. 

Mantis Security has also developed school security guards committed to providing the highest level of service. Security guards on school premises improve safety in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools.  Additionally, they take care of critical elements of security such as limiting access to authorized vehicles; no loitering; and increased visibility to reduce risk of theft,  kidnapping and vandalism. 

How to hire a Security Guard in Johannesburg  

If you are looking to hire a security guard, Mantis Security can assist you through the entire process. We are Johannesburg’s leading security company that offers a variety of security services to protect residential and commercial properties.  We pride ourselves with highly trained professional security guards dedicated to providing top-notch security services to our clients.  


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Best Security Company in Gauteng South Africa

Best Security Company in Gauteng South Africa

Nothing is more important than having a reliable security system in place for safety and security. Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, it’s essential to have the best security company protecting your property. 

Several security companies in Gauteng, but not all, are created equal. So, how do you know which company is right for you? 

Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Experience and track record

With security, experience is critical. Make sure the company you choose has a proven track record and a long history of providing quality services.

  1. Range of services

Different businesses and homeowners have different security needs. Ensure the security company you choose offers a wide range of services to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Cost

It’s essential to find a security company that offers good value for money. Several factors affect the cost of security services, such as.

  1. The size of your premises and its geographical location.
  2. Whether you need 24/7 alarm monitoring
  3. Whether your property requires armed guards or unarmed guards only, etc.
  4. Customer service 

It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the security company you choose. Make sure they offer excellent customer service, with a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always available to answer your questions.

Best Security Companies in Gauteng South Africa

It is always best to seek professional help regarding safety and security. This is especially true in protecting your home or business. 

Thankfully, several security companies in Gauteng offer a range of security services.

It’s challenging to decide which company is the best for your needs.  One of the top security companies in Gauteng is Mantis Security.

Mantis Security :

Mantis Security was founded in 1987 and has since become one of the largest privately-owned security companies in the country. 

They pride themselves on their high standards for security services provided to their clients by trained experts, supported by state-of-the-art equipment to help protect both people and properties. 

No job is considered too big or too small for Mantis Security, and they offer a comprehensive range of services which include but are not limited to: 

  • Corporate crime intelligence
  • VIP Security
  • Security installations
  • Event security
  • Corporate and residential security.
  • Security audits and assessments

They pride themselves on the highly secure and well-managed security environment that they provide, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of each client.

If you’re looking for a company that can offer competitive prices but goes beyond your expectations with professional service, then Mantis Security may be the right choice for you

Mantis is PSIRA ACCREDITED Private Security Industry Regulation Authority

Understanding Compliance Security Regulations in South Africa

“The consequences of hiring a non-compliant security company can include:

Security officers on your site, who are underpaid, and vulnerable to the temptation of criminal collusion.

Security officers on your site, who are poorly trained and unable to perform their duties properly.

Heavy financial penalties or jail time, for consumers who continue to transgress the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) Act.”


In Summary:

It’s challenging to know which security company is right for you, but with so many great options in Gauteng, it’s easy to find one that meets your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient security company, you can’t go wrong with Mantis Security

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